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Chills, Thrills, and Mills, Reviews of this Web Site.

Bale Grist Mill, Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park, Napa Valley State Park,
St. Helena, California. Two pairs of millstones.

Chills, Thrills, and Mills

The hulking brick forms of flour mills stand on riverbanks near older settlements throughout eastern and central North America. These were once the high-tech devices that provided the staff of life to their communities, and thus enjoyed a significance far beyond any single type of machine today. Theodore Hazen, who runs a company that specializes in restoring old mills, has gathered together a heterogeneous mass of material about flour mills, their history, and their restoration. The collection includes many articles written during the heyday of the mills, like Sylvester Graham's1837 treatise on bread, an early broadside on spiritual health food, and an extended analysis of the mill industry in Minneapolis in 1886, which should be read as a report from the cutting edge. Hazen himself provides a number of essays on various aspects of mill construction and operation. Step into this site and in a few hours you will be an expert on a subject you previously had not known existed.

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-A must see site:
Reviews-Pond Lily Mill Restorations

A gem of a site for all who are interested in the history of flour mills and the restoration of those that still exist. The Roanoke, Virginia site is filled with links to related organizations, books, historical archives and photographs. A surprisingly interesting site. - Site Profile for Pond Lily Mill Restorations.

Description Provides loads of historic background on mills, plus details about mill restoration processes.

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Pond Lily Mill Restorations -
Ted Hazen supplies extensive, illustrated information on the history and technology of flour milling in America, and the restoration of watermills, with bibliography.

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Pond Lily Mill Restorations Home Page. Provides Information and Services Relating to Mill Restoration. The Automation of Flour Milling in America.

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Excite: CONTACT US: If you have a story to tell about a mill, would like to suggest a topic or add a url link, need help in restoring a mill, have mill parts that are puzzling you, have milling books or magazines to sell, or if you just love old mills as I do, send e-mail to me with your comments.
millstones, millstone grinding, & millstone dressing;...........Information and Services Available From Pond Lily Mill Restorations. Home Page. INTERPRETATION- Use a developed interpretive plan and presentation for educational purposes. INTERPRETIVE PLANNING- Develop an interpretive program, create outlines, objectives, visual aids.


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Pond Lily Mill Restorations - provides history and how-to advice on the operations of American grist mills.

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Pond Lily Mill Restorations
Ted Hazen supplies extensive, illustrated information on the history and technology of flour milling in America, and the restoration of watermills, with bibliography.

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