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16 Reasons to Use Theodore R. Hazen and Pond Lily Mill Restorations.

16 Reasons to Use Theodore R. Hazen
Pond Lily Mill Restorations.

1. All design work is original and one-of-a-kind

(No cheesy clip art, templates or generic looking designs taken from classic reference works).

2. Competitive prices for all types of work.

I am not one of these restoration people who will charge you a thousand dollars per day, plus expenses, and want all my money up-front for the entire project. I have flexible prices and rates to your needs.

3. Personalized attention, quality and detail oriented.

4. High quality web sites with a huge amount of information and material that is FREE!

I love sharing my knowledge with others. I am not one of these people who keep my knowledge, information and experiences a secret.

5. A local business that's accessible at all times - 7 days a week.

6. A lifetime of professional experience and freelance work

14 years in business under the name: Pond Lily Mill Restorations.

My one grandfather was a millwright, artist and craftsman, and my father worked in mills and built mill dams. My father's father (my other grandfather) was a hydraulic engineer. I have milled all types of grains and know how to produce a product. The majority of trained and skilled millwrights have no knowledge of how to run or operate a mill. I have done the whole spectrum of activities right down to historical research and presenting that information to the public.

7. I am a formally trained art educator, designer, artist, craftsman, model builder, millwright, millstone dresser, master miller, molinologist, and mill consultant.

I apprenticed to become a miller and a millwright. I worked for the National Park Service for 15 years, and trained in interpretation, restoration, historical research and structures, operations and safety.

8. Prompt service, and I don't charge a new client for work that I have already done for some one else.

All previous paid work, research, and material becomes available to future clients FREE!

9. Individual consultation on each project, estimates and quotes.

10. Complete customer satisfaction is our guarantee.

11. Supports the local economy, the community, our nations history and heritage.

12. Friendly service. I care about people, their families history, the the intrinsic value you place on your property.

13. Our low overhead assures you of competitive and value-added prices.

14. I have a huge reference library of mill material, tools and artifacts in our archives.

15. Capabilities a web designer, photographer, and museum educator which equates to better consistency, service and price.

16. Quality, service and value beyond your expectations.

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Copyright 2003 by T. R. Hazen