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Need a Speaker?

Ted Hazen, master miller, millwright, millstone dresser, potter, blacksmith,
rope maker, model maker, etc., constructing a model of a windmill.

Need a Speaker? A Lecturer, or an Interpreter on any Subject, for School Groups, to Highly Technical Matter. A Traditional Artisan, Craftsman to Demonstrate Milling, Mill Maintenance, Millstone Dressing, and other Trades?

If your civic organization, social club, school and special interest group is in need of a program, speaker, lecturer, workshop, milling seminar, or demonstration. If you are interested in the trade of milling versus the milling described in literature, folklore, and legend. Everything including milling artifacts to milling terms commonly used in everyday conversation. Programs designed with hands on material, auto visual, and costume interpretation. Demonstrations may include: Millstone dressing, the miller's knot, to hand lacing of leather belting. Making millstone picks, their care and maintenance to making scoops and paddles, etc. Lectures dealing with millstones or a general overview of the history of mills and milling. Lesson plans, outlines, and handouts also available. I am a National Park Service trained Interpreter and College Professional Trained Educator, Craft Trades Demonstrator, Living History Specialist, Park Ranger, and Tour Guide.

Please feel free to contact me for more information and to discuss your needs. Thank you.

Theodore R. Hazen

1404 Cedar Lane
Norfolk, Virginia 23508-1716
(757) 963-5157 E-mail:

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