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Mill: The History & Future of Naturally Powered Buildings

You may be interested to know I am (Theodore R. Hazen) mentioned along with my web site (Pond Lily Mill Restorations Home Page), and I am quoted in David Larkin's new book:

"Mill: The History & Future of Naturally Powered Buildings," Hardcover, 256 Pages, Universe Publishing, November 2000 ISBN: 0789305011 

Author: Larkin, David  
Photographer: Rocheleau, Paul  

Subject / Style: Technology & Industrial Arts: Engineering - Mechanical

From the Publisher:

The counterpart to his bestselling "Barn: The Art of a Working Building", this latest book from Larkin tours the intriguing architecture of 18th- and 19th-century windmills, watermills, gristmills, and other kinds of naturally powered buildings. The buildings are documented in 200 color photographs and detailed floor plans.

This illustration adapted from the one prepared for the Conservation Trust, highlights in red the nineteenth century adaptions to its workings. In 1820 some Oliver Evans inventions were added.
The mill at Anselma on Pickering Creek, Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Description: The counterpart to his best-selling Barn: The Art of a Working Building and years in the making, David Larkin's latest visual documentary book is a tour of the intriguing architecture of mills from their medieval beginnings to present day uses. Windmills, watermills, gristmills, sawmills and other kinds of naturally powered buildings from throughout the United States and Europe are revealed in unique, stunning photographs and drawings. Here, you'll discover mills still in full use, historically restored mills, as well as mills that have been converted into splendidly charming contemporary living spaces. In one chapter, stories documenting the complete restoration of gristmills are captured in picture-by-picture sequences. Also documented is the transformation of a towering early nineteenth-century English windmill into a beautifully appointed home-an outstanding representation of the possibilities these structures offer for today's lifestyle.

The highly engaging history and profound beauty of these handcrafted structures-all presented in print for the first time-will attract anyone interested in history, architecture, and historic preservation.

About the Author: David Larkin is a renowned editor, author and book designer whose previous titles include Frank Lloyd Wright: The Masterworks, Shaker Built, Barn and Farm.

Thank you,
Theodore R. Hazen

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