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Hason Lee,
Hason High Houses

Photos by Richard D. Abbott
Richard the Grand - Grand Richard
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Here are the photos I took in and around Hason. Nos. 1-4 shows the surrounding areas and the approaches to the village. The village is only a couple of houses - photo #5 is all you see when you get close. No. 6 shows a cottage, and netxt to it another old house was being restored. The only ohter thing in the village is Hason House, shown in #6-11.

I talked to the current owner, and also the owner of the outbuildings and surrounding land, who was the best infomed. He siad the parts of the lower walls of the original structure date back to the years 1200 to 1500, and are presumed to be the "Hazzon" manor house- which he said was always promounced the same as Hazon. The Lisle family bought the property around 1680 and it belonged to the family until recent times. The initials REL on the coat of arms in photo #10 are of the Lisle family. Photo #11 shows a millstone set in a stone walkway, which presumably came from Hason Mill.

The second owner had several versions of the origin of the Hason name. One is that it is a Norman name, originall "Haysan". Another is that it comes from an old word meaning the confluence of two hedges or valleys, since ther is such in the valley below.

Continued with the Hason Mill

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