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A Retrospective of Slone's Mill

Esom Slone's Grist Mill on Turner's Creek Road as it appeared in 1994.

The old Slone Mill will be rebuilt in Virginia's Explore Park in Roanoke County
after being dismantled at its location in the Callaway area
on Turner's Creek Road in Franklin County.

A peek through a window shows the old gear connection
to the shaft of the water wheel is still intact.

Workers dismantle the mill, which is a slow process because each part
must be given a name and number to identify it when the mill is rebuilt at Explore Park.

Ted Hazen and Perry Forbes at the mill in 1997
as it was being dismantled for moving to Virginia's Explore Park.

The millstone in the newly restored grist mill.

Blue Ridge Traditions, June-July 2001, Vol.8, No.6.
"Family gristmills part of Franklin County History," by Joyce Greer Sloan, pages 10-13.
Note: Article presented to give information about the Slone family mills in Franklin County and the family history surrounding them in conjunction with the restoration and opening of Esom Slone's Mill at Virginia's Explore Park in Roanoke. The article used Joyce Sloan research, Franklin County Clerk's Office records, local libraries, cemeteries and speaking with family members. And the conversations with Theodore R. Hazen, and my research on the subject. My research material is mainly found in the pages of Pond Lily Mill Restorations Home Page.

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