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Position Description for a Mill Operator in an Historical Mill

Position Description for a Mill Operator in an Historical Mill


This position is located in an Historical Mill. The incumbent is the Chief Miller at the mill and is responsible for its operation. Incumbent is also responsible for developing and fostering a mutually advantageous working relationship with the park offices, park sites, and with the local community.


The incumbent is responsible for maintaining and operating the 19th century active grist mill and the immediate ground in the area. Incumbent maintains and operates the active mill including the water wheel, millstones, hopper bins and all other vital parts and equipment connected with the operation so as to maintain a smooth and continuous operation. Incumbent inspects the total mechanical operation daily for imbalances, lubricates all the necessary parts. Incumbent follows the work schedule, time and attendance, and is available for training opportunities. Latitude is exercised in performing daily operation of the mill.

Incumbent is responsible for lubricating bearing of the water wheel shaft, cleaning out sluice box and trash rack of any objects. Also responsible for cleaning millstones, elevators, bolters, each day after use in accordance to Health Guidelines.

Incumbent stocks and stores ground grains in a safe and healthy manner according to the Health Guidelines. Incumbent works closely with the supervisor of the trading post as to stocking items produced for sale at their outlet.

Incumbent plans, prepares and presents living history demonstrations on 19th century milling to park visitors, school groups, instructors, social, civic, university, foreign and special interest groups. It is incumbent's responsibility to see that every visitor receives the best visit possible and gains the knowledge of an authentic a 19th century grist mill.

Incumbent is responsible for maintenance and for janitorial services inside and the immediate area outside the mill. The mill is partially heated by a fire place in the miller's office, incumbent must maintain this heating source in a safe manor. The incumbent is responsible for the safety of other employees and himself, periodically checks the mill and outside areas for unsafe conditions and reports anything he cannot correct himself to his immediate supervisor.

Incumbent conducts research on other 19th century milling activities in the area and incorporates this information into interpretive talks at the mill.

Incumbent is responsible to maintain accurate records on grains, flour sacks, flour and meal and other items provided by the Historical Mill or site. Transaction of this function is monitored and reviewed by the immediate supervisor.


Incumbent must be familiar with the mechanical operation of the 19th century grist mill and be efficient in its operation. Incumbent must have a general background in carpentry, knowledge of stone masonry, math, and electricity in order to master the day-to-day operation of the mill.

Incumbent must have a good speaking voice, and be able to articulate with a diverse population in an agreeable manner. A background knowledge of farming ties in with the mill for interpretation purposes. Incumbent must have the ability to organize and conduct interpretive talks, and demonstrations at the mill. Must have ability to organize, plan and implement activities for professional educators such as the mill related workshops. Prepares and submits to immediate supervisor drafts of all publicity releases concerning programs and public events scheduled for the mill.

Incumbent is required to wear the 19th century period costumes, and must possess a valid state driver's license.


Incumbent is under the general supervision of the supervisor of the 19th century area of Historical Mill. Routine work is performed independently of continuing supervision according to established guidelines. Incumbent plans and carries out assignments, selecting the approaches and methods to be used in executing assignments. Weekend and holiday work is required and work schedule is subject to change when necessary. Incumbent keeps abreast of training opportunities.


Incumbent studies and utilizes Health Guidelines and other materials on flour mill sanitation. Incumbent makes use of 19th century grist mills reference materials. Incumbent consults with others involved in historical interpretation.


Incumbent must be capable of moving and lifting bags and objects weighting up to 100 pounds. performs duties around moving machinery such as metal gears, leather belts, millstones, etc. Must be alert at all times to existing hazards. By the nature of the position, incumbent will spend some time out-of-doors. Therefore, incumbent is expected to work in this kind of setting during all seasons.

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