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John E. Hazen's Covered Bridge.

Photograph by Dorn Howlett, Edinboro, Pennsylvania.

John Emerson Hazen's Covered Bridge

Bridge Location:
Twelve (12) Mile Creek.
Dead end of Saw Mill Road, Moreheadville, Erie County, Pennsylvania.

Inspiration for Covered Bridge:
Covered Bridge inspired from the Waterford Covered Bridge on way to Joseph King (a freed slave and Theodore R. Hazen's Sr. great grandfather) farm (later the Middletown Farm) and a water powered sawmill on Middletown Road, where John E. Hazen's father was born (and played as a small child) at French Creek and Juva Post Office.
Waterford Covered bridge, Le Boeuf Creek, Niemeyer Road, Waterford, Erie County, Pennsylvania.

Construction of Covered Bridge:
It began in May of 2002.
Work done during the Summer of 2002.
Final construction date October 5, 2002.

Construction Time:
Time to construct covered bridge 322 hours.

Construction Cost:
Cost of the Covered Bridge $2,000, plus $800 structural engineer fee from Philadelphia.
Shingles donated.

Dimensions of Covered Bridge:
52 Feet long.
10.5 feet wide by 12.5 feet high to top of peak of roof.
9.5 feet high by 9.5 feet wide inside dimension.
8 feet to average distance to surface of water.
10 feet to the bottom of the creek bed.

Original Deck Bridge:
Flat deck bridge constructed during World War Two.
Construction 20 inch "I" beams going 20 inches into each abutment
The bridge has one center support (off center).
Decking of bridge is 3 inch thick oak and hickory wood (replaceable).

Waterford Covered Bridge, Spanning Le Boeuf Creek, Waterford, Erie County, Pennsylvania. Measured Drawing, (18 x 24 in.) Historic American Buildings Survey (Library of Congress).

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