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Homeopathy...cures a larger percentage of Cases than any other method of treatment and it is beyond all doubts safer and more economical and the Most Complete Medical Science, Professional Homeopathic

The London Centre of Vibrational Medicine (LCVM) is a private Multidisciplinary Holistic Centre established to combine together different Alternative Therapies to promote natural healing of Health Ailments, as well as to provide research and education in the area of Holistic and Vibrational Medicine. The LCVM has three major Subdivisions: 

1)LCVM Holistic Clinic; 
2) Alternative Therapies Laboratory (ATL);
3) International College of Vibrational Medicine (ICVM).

     The main goal of LCVM Clinic is to cure and prevent different Health Ailments using only Natural methods and remedies, without medical drugs and surgery. Our clinical staff represented by highly qualified Practitioners (M.D's, D.H.Med., Ph.D.'s, C.R.P's, T.T.P's, R.M.T.'s, etc.) offering great variety of inner professional Holistic cervices: 
     Clinical Medical Homeopathy and Cell salts; Full Body Reflexology; Magnetotherapy and Pain management; Phytotherapy and Herbal Medicine; Acupuncture and Auriculotherapy; Magnetotherapy; Bach Flower therapy; Therapeutic Touch; Aromatherapy, etc. The important achievement of LCVM Clinic is  On-Line Health Restoration Programs, which already helped many people from around the Globe.
    It is Not necessary to visit our Centre to be enrolled and to receive the treatment. After request to be enrolled in specific Health Program, our patient(s) receive by Mail , Fax or Email (at their convinience) the original Questionnaire Form regarding their Physical, Physiological and Psychological state, which has to be completed and returned to the LCVM Clinical office. Based on this personal (completely confidential) information, Professional practitioner(s) sending back to the patient written Manual with:

a) detailed theoretical description of healing methods which has to be used in this particular situation;
b) their practical applications with follow up techniques;
c)and professional explanations of the Nature of Cure and Prevention. All the necessary  Supportive Materials (therapeutic remedies kit's, herbs, Homeopathic remedies, etc., as well as Books and Video's on this particular Health matter) are included in the Program Package. If it is possible, we are also helping to localize specific Holistic Practitioner (for regular treatments) close to the Patient residential area. The purpose of this On-Line Health Restoration Process is do not diagnose or  medically treat disease, but to give a professional Holistic Advise and to find the gentle natural way of harmless healing. During the treatment our Patient(s) or Family Members can contact particular Practitioner(s) by Phone to receive answer(s) to question(s). 
        Our Health Restoration Programs including: Natural Hair Growing and Revitalization Program (without any transplantation surgery(!) or special medical treatments, approved and recognized by MANY of our Client's); Detoxification Program; Anti-Arthritis Program; Anti-Parkinson's Program; Anti-Cancer Program; Anti-Fatigue Program; Improving of Circulation Program; After Injury rheabilithation Natural Program; Natural Weight Loss Program; Anti-Depression Program, Anti-Epilepsy Program; Anti-Eczema and Dermatitis Program; Quit Smoking naturally, etc...
        To find out more information about our Natural Health restoration Programs, please contact me.
          The major Goal of the Alternative Therapies Laboratory (ATL, affiliated with LCVM) is to formulate and develop new natural therapeutic Remedies and tinctures made of 100% Natural pure Components (essential oils or herbs) which contains Absolutely No Preservatives, Colorants or Chemical additives.
          The major Goal of the International College of Vibrational Medicine(ICVM, Trade Mark registered) is to provide the highest quality Professional Educational Correspondence Certification Program for the future Holistic and Vibrational Medicine Practitioners. This realy unique worldwide College offering: 5 Basic Educational, 40 Professional (Speciality) and 15 Additional Introductory Courses, which are deeply Informative and affordable (in comparison with other Holistic Educational Institutions). To find out more information regarding ICVM Educational Correspondence Program, you can Order FREE ICVM Introductory Pamphlet (please send your request by Email, Fax, or Call and leave a message at our answering service, see contact information below). 

For more information contact the President of  LCVM, Mila Emerald at the following:

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