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As-salamu alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

A Brief Introduction

Bangladesh is an agro-based country with a great majority of its population comprising farmers, peasants or day laborers living in abject poverty. They are poor, illiterate and unorganized and, therefore, deprived of their due share in the national prosperity and power structure. They lack financial resources to adopt expensive modern agricultural technology with the result that their crop yields are very low.

Bangladesh Peasants' Welfare Society (Bangladesh Chasi Kallyan Samity) has accepted the challenge of helping this poorest of the poor class by organizing them so as to get them out of the vicious circle of poverty.

Inception & Registration:

LogoIn the past the organizations which were founded through chanting slogans in favor of development and prosperity have recovered their political interest hoodwinking the peasants in the garb of solution of their problems. Hundreds of local and foreign N.G.O.s took this opportunity in total and started their activities in the name of poverty alleviation as well as socioeconomic uplift. They imposed the burden of agricultural loan based on interest on the poor and distressed peasants who are, therefore, forced to sell their own agricultural lands, homesteads etc. to repay the loan. The people who failed to repay the loans are victims of oppressions by these N.G.O.s. 

In such a situation, Bangladesh Chasi Kallyan Samity was founded in 1977 in order to undertake pragmatic steps and unite peasants under the banner of a well-disciplined organization. Since its inception our organization has been working as a bridge in the context of securing all demands and facilities of the peasants. The progress and prosperity of our Society and our practicable plans and their proper inception has drawn attention of peasants throughout the country. For our well-devised schemes and diverse programmes, we have become well known as a national organization.

Registration CertificateThe Peasants' Welfare Society got registration in the name and style of Bangladesh Chashi Kallyan Samity on 6th September under the societies' registration and Control Ordinance (Act.XXVI) 1961.

It is a non-government, non-political and non-profit social welfare organization.



Bangladesh Chasi Kallyan Samity

435, Elephant Road, Bara Moghbazar, Dhaka, Bangladesh 

Tel: 8312427, 406440 Fax:880 - 2 - 8316781