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ASA Conference 2002
Sydney - Australia

October 2002



"The Galactic Reception Festival" - a world celebration of astrology…………..

In line with the ASA's Objectives, the general theme of this conference is
"building bridges globally" (In reference to astrology associations/societies,
cultures, traditions etc.) with an emphasis on astrology's evolution, its influence
on civilisation and its place in today's society with a look toward astrology's
potential future contribution to the development of the human condition.

The conference is open to all who are interested in astrology in promotion and
dissemination of real astrology making it more accessible, giving everyone a
chance to interact and learn from the world's best.............

The Venue: The University of Sydney - "Holme" Rooms

Speakers from around the globe on all systems of astrology

Workshops will be held - a chance to interact and learn from the world's best!!!!

Special conference accommodation and airfare discounts apply

Further details will be posted to this website and Tees Reitsma's "International Congress Agenda"

Register early for this global astrology event ……….

Further Information Contact:

Gregory J. de Montfort email:

Postal Address:
+61 2 9754 2999

P.O. Box 7120
Bass Hill NSW 2197