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Objects of the Australian Society of Astrologers Inc


The objects for establishing this Society, as per Model Rules, are listed as follows:

a) To encourage and promote the ancient and honourable art of astrology, its study, scholarship and practice.

b) To continually strive for the highest possible standards in astrological expertise and to ensure that the present and future integrity and status of astrology will be enhanced and preserved.

c) To keep the general public accurately informed and educated about existing and appropriate astrological knowledge and practices.

d) To set curriculums for astrological courses and seminars to facilitate the study of astrology, such courses and seminars to be conducted by members of the association or such other persons as determined and approved by the Management Committee.

e) To devise syllabi for courses and to promote and conduct examinations in astrology to standards and levels ensuring proficiency in the art.

f) To award certificates and diplomas and other honours to those persons and members successful in examinations to different grades and standards as determined by criteria set by the Management Committee.

g) To set an astrological code of ethics to which all members and persons awarded certificates and diplomas and other honours must adhere.

h) To write and publish newsletters, articles and other publications on astrology in all its aspects.

i) To establish, provide and maintain facilities and resources calculated to encourage, improve and develop the foregoing objects and the conduct of affairs of the association and to enable and improve communication among members, organisations and the general public on astrology.

j) To promote, encourage and foster such other activities conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objects and as may be necessary or desirable to advance the cause of the association and its well-being.

Long and Short Term Goals of The Society

  1. To ensure through continued ASA existence, that no astrological organisation within
    Australia gains an unfair monopoly.
  2. To fully pursue the A. to J. teaching objects of the society.
  3. To promote and create a conducive and fear-free astrological environment that is beneficial for all astrologers, students of astrology and novices.
  4. To publish a bi-monthly magazine devoted to dissemination of astrological thought and technique.
  5. To teach at least the very basics of astrology to all interested Australians.
  6. To always allow the ASA to help and do everything in its power to aid fellow astrologers and students to achieve individual and/or collective aims.
  7. To hold national and international conferences, building bridges and promoting real astrology.