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Hohner 270

Chromatic harmonica info

by Max Greco


 Before you start

Read this page.

Please visit "Harp On! Chromatic Harmonica Reference" by G.

 Alternate tunings

MOLT layouts

Ever you ever wonder:

In "How augmented, diminished and wholetone layouts really work" you may find the answers!

To download the document click here.

Diminished layout

Layout, tuning chart, reeds substitution


Augmented layout

Layout, tuning chart, reeds substitution


Wholetone layout

Layout, tuning chart, reeds substitution



Solo layout - keys

A diagram that shows layout, notes and reed slot size for the major solo kays. Also usefull for finding the reeds needed for a specific layout.

The above documents are in pdf/acrobat format. To read them you need the free Acrobat Reader.

MOLT tunings - links

For an interesting report on the usage of MOLT layouts:Diminished Chromatic Harmonica Introduction, A Versatile Alternative to Solo tuning  by G

Harp On! Harmonica Altered Tunings & Layouts

If you are interested in MOLT tunings you should readSome Musings On Altered Tunings For the Chromatic Harmonica by Pat Missin