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The band "Joy Diesel Jumpers" originally consisted of 3 guys (l+r): Craig, on the bass guitar; Jon, on the keyboards, and myself (Dave); on the guitar. Racheal joined our group later as our rythm guitarist. All tracks were accompanied by an electronic drum machine, except for Lounge, which had drums added later on the 4-track recorder. For more information you can reach us thru Liz at :

Our first cd was recorded live at a 2000/2001 new year's eve party at Racheal's house. The gig was played for free drinks :)

We have had a few guest performers to 'jam' with us; some have moved on and others have stayed. We recently featured a good friend, Rachel in some of our songs. She ia a very talented guitarist and song writer. We hope to keep her as a member of our group. Great work, girl!! And one very special musician is Elizabeth. She has sung a few tunes that reflect a 1920's & 30's style. She also plays a classical style piano and plays the electric organ with finesse. She does play guitar or Bass as needed. She writes her own lyrics and songs. As is with all of us; this is her 'hobby' and she is not a professional; yet, she brings new ideas and originality to our sessions. And has inspired us to a better performance style. We are now planning to feature a few of her tunes on our next cd. And both Rachel And Elizabeth are now considered official 'JDJ Jammer' band members. Thanks Rachel and 'Liz..[These redheads really have some talent!!]..

I have just gotten back to the page now (2004). I would like to thank Jon for keeping the page going for 3 years. We have been talking lately about the various directions we may take the band (concerts, covers, movie/videos) but whatever we do it should be,... interesting. You can contact me (Dave) using the above mentioned e-mail address (and dont forget to ask about our cds for sale!)

The sample list is as follows

Beach Stroll

Cloud Dancer

Mountain Romp

Desert Breeze

Galactic Boiler

Carnal Essence

Misty Wood

Memory Loss

Rachel's Accoustic Dream

Our cd was made using some portable prosumer recording equipment. We took a few of the cd's to "Backtrax" Record store in Montgomery, Alabama to sell on commission, so far not many copies have sold, but we have high hopes...[More updates coming soon!!]..

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