The Breathers of Ardini's Whoa(woe)

Part One:

It has been an old story passed down from father to son for 10,000 generations. A story so odd and so far-fetched that today it is only believed to be a sailors fanciful tale. Herein, is the story and the artifact that I have bartered:

It was on a plainly named ship in a plainly named port that this story was to unfold. It seems that the poor sailor who tells the tale is a displaced 'hesperian cimbric barbarian'. So, it is through his eyes this colorful story comes to life.

On the 11th hour at sea, we beheld a great dark looming shape rising from the depths. While a shipmate was netting some fish for the evening meal he noticed the momentary flickering of very bright lights in the dark depths. He called out a warning for all to take notice. They all watched this intently as the event unfolded. Very soon after the flickering lights, the very blueness of the waters we rocked in, began to change to a dark black muddy ink color. The fishnets stood out plainly against the swelling darkness. Our bountiful school of fish had vanished!! Moments later, our ship began to creak and groan like a wounded bear in pain. The wood was breaking apart; something had broken the hull. Shouts went up, the crew wailing for the mercy of the gods. Suddenly, the ship began to rise!! Rather, than sink below the waves the ship rose up out of the waters.


Part Two