The Breathers of Ardini's Whoa(woe)

Part Two

In every direction we could see, there was now solid rock. Glistening from the sunlight that shone upon it; as the waters ran from it; back to the sea. The small ship tilted to one side as it's hull splintered and broke. This began a loud crying from his shipmates; who knew their time on earth was at an end.

They all slid down its deck and off the side onto the new island. Two men were killed instantly by the fall; a head injury and the cook was smote by a broken timber that had protruded upward from the broken hull. Amongst the cries of pain from one shipmates broken leg and anothers broken arm; there arose a high pitched wailing. A sound so piercing; that it felt as if one's head would burst. At this point, what remained of our crew was resigned to death by the Wailing Sirens of the sea.

Shortly, as the sound had reached a certain level; it stopped as quickly as it had sounded. In the still silence that followed; our crew lay in wait for the final, awesome bite of the horror from below. But, to the surprise of all, a small voice spoke. It was a language none had heard. The voice then began to change; it then began to speak their language. The voice told them to not to be afraid and to follow the 'waybearers' to a meeting place. Suddenly, from inside a nearby small hillside; creatures dressed in metallic robes appeared and approached them. At this point, our storyteller falls asleep; due to a minor head injury or perhaps some magical entrancement(most likely drugged by his captors). His last waking sight was seeing his dead and maimed shipmates being carried aloft by what appeared to be nothing more than air itself. The ablebodied mates stood, and were ushered into a line formation with the waybearers. He details their appearance but, it is fogged with a faint memory. In short; bulging heads with a short stocky torso and short extremely large arms; yet they walked with a unusual lightness and agility.

Here, the story is picked-up by another shipmate who was awake. They all proceded toward the largest hill on the island; which was about southwest from the angle of the sun. This island was the strangest he had ever seen. There were no trees, birds, bushes, grass or small animals. It was completely barren; like an old iron cooking pan. The entire surface of the island was only covered in very small swirling trails. Which, when water was splashed upon it, the water would run onto and through these tiny trails down to the lowest levels.

Along the way, they came upon several beached fish and many sea creatures that he had never seen before. They were all of different sizes and shapes. Oddly enough, the ones he did recognize were of gigantic proportions. These would bring many seasons of food or gold for them. On his attempt to get a closer look, a waybearer shoved him to the ground and emitted the word 'no' from the air itself(couldn't see a mouth or lips). The waybearer pointed at the helpless creatures that floundered on the ground and a blue light shone from him and played over the fish and sea creatures like lightening in a storm. They all lay still, all that could be heard was the lash of waves in the distance and our fearful breathing.

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