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Poems Collect

Viet Pride
My house was burned, people are dying
I struggled and crossed the many seas
Every step I took my stomach was emptied
My heart shattered unsatisfyingly
Why me, why us, why Vietnamese
Why Viet and Viet fought each other
Why blood was shed, why skull were scattered
Why me so far be not so near?
My fellow countrymen lend me your ears
Listen to those voices which scream in pain
Their lives may but not die in vain
Let us be awake to merge as one
Let us be Viet Pride
Behold of hope to free the Viet soul
Be strong against wind like the bamboo tree untold
The reason it bends is to save its root
So now we are lost in the darkest storm
Alienated from home a million miles away
I hope to see that spring in May
When one day I will return to my homeland
For all my struggling ones, I will never hide
For I have in me the love of Viet pride.

Azn Pride
Back in the days, when I was still
a child in my parents' eyes,
They always tell me, I gotta be me and
Keep my generations alive,
I know some walk with their heads down afraid of danger
never mess with stranger,
Those who know where I'm coming from can feel my anger,
I recall to a time a girl ask me who am I?
There's nothing for me to deny,
I belong to the Viet Pride,
Don't be confuse because of my dialects,
I give every Asian Prides in this world mad Respect,
I know I'm not alone, so let our voice be heard,
It's easy to see and hear 'cause "Asian" is the word,
It's not me, myself, and I
but it's about me and you
If you know what I mean, Asian Pride
is straight up true,
My shout outs goes to all my Asian Crew,
All cross the land from where we born
and where we ruled,
My words to you is not a word of sin,
We never want to lose, we always want to win,
I'm gonna end this line with something like this,
Love and Respect goes out to the Asian
Nation without any diss,
Keep it real 'cause our pride is tight,
I cherish my pride like it's my only,
no doubt
Peace and I'm out!

Like A Symphony
I know I can't hide
The way I'm feeling, I won't deny
You came to me like a fantasy
I feel as if, fate, let us be
As I look at you, questions filled my mind,
I didn't know if you were one of a kind,
We dance through the night
Especially the last dance
When we held each other tight
My heart beats like a symphony,
I didn't want you to let go of me
It was like a dream
But nothing came between
I hope you feel it too
Maybe it could be you
I know I'll see you again
And maybe this time we
Could be more than friends.....
AzN Crew
Asian Pride iz in mah Mind
Asian Blood iz in mah Kind
So Step Aside and Let me Thru
Cuz itz all bout da Azn Crew
Asian Luv iz all Around
Foe mah Fellow Asians
Never Let me Down
Show ur Pride n' Say itz True
Cuz Asian Blood Flowz Thru You
Asian Pride foe Life Till I Die
No Reason to Lie
So Step Aside
You're Kickin' it on Da Azn Side
So Step Down
Befoe we Asians Regulate
Keep it Real
Cuz we Asians Will!
AzN Pride
Asian Pride
Ever since the start
Us Asians have fallen apart
But this day in age
Is when we display
Our Asian Pride
It brings us together
Making us rise forever and ever
And you can't stop what we've done
Cause face it,
We've already won
We know how to do things right
We know how to put up a good fight
It's our Asian Pride
That helps the asian side
Each year has passed
Now it's time for you to see the asians last
Cause we've got pride
And asians are on the rise
So don't even try
Cause we'll make you cry
Bend down and beg for the mercy you need
Bow down to the ones you should obey indeed