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  • Soyez à la Mode: Be Fashionable!

    Thank you Claire, our new fashion editor!

    Winter 2002

    Skirts: Who doesn't want a mini or 3/4 length skirt this season? Plaid and denim are big.

    Shoes: Winter puts shoes to the test, proving clogs and boots are best.

    Sweaters: Make sure they're chunky. I love the black turtleneck, and sweater jackets (a.k.a. bathrobe sweaters) are also très chic.

    Coats: Look at this adorable toggle coat! Who wouldn't want it? Also fashionable are the everpresent peacoat.
    [Audrey's note: If you want a new spin on the jeans jacket, try a courduroy blazer. I have one and I simply adore it!]

    CLASSICS These never go out of style!

    Hair: short pixie/ long and in waves

    Coats: peacoat/ camel-coloured mid-calf

    Formal: Black dress with feature played up/ Silk dress with "puffy" skirt

    Semi-formal: cardigan and skirt, dress or skirt that just covers the knee

    Casual: polo shirt/ jeans/ t-shirts with charities on them

    Sport/ Active wear: Color! who says that it all has to be black and white? Spruce up your workout and lift your mood.

    School: plaid kilt-like skirts with delicate embroidery or lovely patch/ Burberry or tartan plaid with simple black boots.

    Everything: being neat and groomed and YOURSELF!