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Latest News : New Bassist and New Rhythm Guitarist, check News Page for full details
The Band

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away....... there lived two boys, Jonny and Matt. they thought they might start a band, however they couldnt find a drumer...... (dun dun dun). They searched high and low, near and far, but they couldnt find anyone. then jonny realised that he had neighbours..... one of which was a drummer, this drummer agreed to be in the band and so the majoritory of the band was recruited.

One problem! there was no bassist! so they toddled along down the street to find Tom M, a bassist! he was with Tom E who agreed to play rhythm guitar for the band.

And so here we are now, playing louder than ever! and interigating your ear lobes! We are an indie rock n roll band, not as people know indie as now tho, but the old indie, proper rock indie! mixed in with some fresh new ideas, funk, ska, acoustic etc...


From left to right:

Chris Macquade - Drums

Tom Moore - Bass

Tom Eacott - Rhythm Guitar

Jonny Green - Lead Guitar/ Backing Vocals

Matt Roberts - Lead Vocals