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5-5-03We are going to be playing at the Noruh Grotto May 16th we will be selling tickets there also for our other show coming up at Clutch Cargos in Pontiac, Sunday May 18th There will be 60 other bands. It will be an all day show. Tickets are $12 a piece, but it is all day and has 60 other bands, 60!! Contact me if you want tickets at Vid-The-Jester@webtv.net . We may be changing our name soon also, but we are unsure of what it may be....-The winner of the Battle of the Bands gets 16 hours of recording time. If we sell 100 tickets we get 10 hours of recording time, not to mention the other 16 for winning. It's going to be a great show with a lot, (I MEAN A LOT) of people.

See ya at the Roche bitches.

Pictures from STH Concerts
Ok, this page is almost entirely finished!!! Every Concert that we've had since October is on here except two or three, so come check it out.

Lallapalooza 2003

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