->Song List<-

Here's the list of songs that the Sub-Hoolies currently play. The list did contain over 40 songs at one time, but we have cut down substantially. You can click on the name of some of these songs to get th lyrics. Usually for shows with other bands we play about 10 or 11 of these songs.

(* denotes a cover song)
1. So Contagious
2. I Know
3. Impure Machines
4. 867-5309/Jenny*
5. Figment Of My Masturbation
6. Fuckin' Up
7. Monsters To Hide
8. Barely Breathing
9. Smells Like Teen Spirit*
10. Freebird*
11. Beautiful Creatures
12. Slipping & Gripping
13. Higher
14. Caged
15. Moving On
16. I Wanna Be Sedated*

We have plenty of other songs that we usually don't play that we can,but for the sake of space this is the bulk of our material Sooner or later we are going to have our fans pick out our set lists for our shows. Expect this page to be updated alot becuase we're always added or deleting songs.

Names and lyrics of originals Copyrightę Sub-Hoolies 2000-2002 All rights strictly reserved