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March 13th

News page updated
Partial Uprising card announced
Thank you for 2 great years!

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RCW news update March 28th

On April 3rd RCW's top guys collide. RCW Champion Vito Thomaselli recently put in a request to the RCW comission. He has requested a challenge. He stated that since becoming the champion he has not had 1 worthy opponent. He is requesting the best. Danny Boy Drake & The RCW commission have responded to this by announcing a 3 way dance between Vito, CM Punk, and Cru Jones. CM Punk and Cru Jones are current memebers of a click called the Chaos Krew. Them along with Ace Steel and Dave Prazak keep a tight group and have always seemed to help each other out. The Chaos Krue is hated by the fans but never taken lightly as they are a deadly force, face one, face them all. Will CM Punk & Cru Jones keep this pact? The title is on the line, CM Punk who was stripped of the title in 2003 wants "What is his" back. Cru has recently lost the Alternative title and has stated he is after bigger fish now, and Thomaselli who has his 1st singles championship will do what it takes to stay on top. With all 3 men known for their rule breaking antics. this should be a very interesting bout.

in August RCW takes its womens division to the next level. This August RCW will host its 1st annual Womans invitational. A single elimination event that will show off the skills of 8 women wrestlers. The women will be choosen from the best the counrty has to offer and will be announced soon. More be announced soon, watch this page for more info.

RCW news update March 14th

Thank you to all who made the March 6th RCW/IWA MS double header a success.

March 6th Misfortune had some major highlights in RCW, Former WCW superstar Lenny Lane joins the RCW roster. Even though Eric Priest got the win, Lenny was well recieved. We look forwrd to his return. Spyder Nate Webb initiated the 1st ever dance off, Matt Sydal, Delirious and Daizee Hayes debut, Airborne retains his title and more. Tapes will be on Sale thru Smartmark video soon.

RCW announces spokes person for the RCW comission. Brad "Danny boy" Drake has been announced as the spokesman for the secret committee. Brad who is currently serving over seas in the US Army has already been in contact with the commission and has gotten the ball rolling, He looks forward to his return in a more visible role and we wish him a safe return.

RCW and its fans have spoken. The women wrestlers of RCW are the best the country has to offer. To recognize thier superior efforts, The commission is currently wroking out the details for the 1st ever RCW womans invitational. Watch the web site for more deatils soon.

Uprising 2004 is coming. Come help RCW celebrate its 2 year milestone April 3rd at our new venue in Princeton Illinois. The shows page will be updates with a partial card soon. Look for these superstars and more to be in action: CM Punk, Airborne, Ego, Cru Jones, Eric Priest, The All Stars, Synn, Eric Marx, Brandon Thomaselli and more. Dont miss the start of year 3. We are just getting started

RCW news update Feb 22nd

Danny Daniels runs the Gauntlet and claims RCW gold. At Arrival It was Danny who hit the ring 1st in the Gauntlet, he faced Eric Marx (A former Alternative Champion) then went on to run thru Ego and finally Cru Jones. Danny is the new title holder and he well deserves it, fan favorite or not.

March 6th Misfortune is coming up. We will be having a 1pm bell time in order to be part of a double header with IWA-Mid South, who will be running a show in Highland Indiana (90 miles east of LaSalle) that night at 7:30. Both shows promise to contain suprises and should be great shows. Come see some of your favorite stars in both shows and see some IWA MS wrestlers make thier RCW debut and vice versa. Support indy wresting at its finest. For more info on IWA-Mid South visit

Smart Mark Video

RCW is pleased to announce Smart Mark video will now be RCW's exclusive tape dealer. They are able to produce quality tapes in a fast turn around time. For more information, check out there web site