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    Roland VS-2480 HDR w/ ver. 2.0 software
    Roland CD Rack
    Tascam  CD Burner
    Sony HQ Tape Deck
    Roland VSF-2
       200 + effects including mic-modeling and mastering tools
    Digitech Studio Twin Reverb
    Antares VP-1 Vocal Producer
(pitch correction, mic models)
    Art and Rane 2 channel graphic equalizers

Amps / guitar fx
    Marshall JCM-2000 3-channel head
       (w/ 4x10 cab)
   Line 6 AX2 solid state combo
   P.O.D guitar direct box
   Danelectro analogue fx
   Korg Tone Works
   Gallien-Kruger 250 head
   Ampeg classic 4 x 10

   Auralex acoustic room control system
(absorbing, bass trapping, and diffusion)

   AKG C3000B
(designed for use w/ VS-2480)
   Sure Beta 52
(kick drum, floor tom, bass cabinet)   
   Oktava MK-101 small diaphragm condenser (x2)   
   Shure SM-57 (x6)
   MXR Tube Condenser
   Various small dynamic microphones
          ( CAD, Audio-Technica, Shure)

   Fender Eric Clapton signature
   Gibson Les Paul Standard
   Ovation and Mitchell acoustics
   Fender Jazz & Ibanez GTR Bass Guitars
   Yamaha Stage Custom Drum Kit (12, 13, 16, 22)
   Pearl Chad Smith signature snare drum (5 1/2 x 14)
   Yamaha Steel snare drum (6 x 14)
   Premier Birch-Eucalyptus Soprano Snare (6 x 12)
   Zildjian A and A-Custom Cymbals
   Toca Latin Percussion congas and bongos
   Rhythm Tech and CP auxiliary Percussion equipment   
   Yamaha Clavinova 88-Key Stage Piano
   Various Samplers & Drum Machines