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Welcome to my web site. This site is devoted to my exploration of a number of 3D engines, and you can download demos and source code of my achievements so far. Please feel free to e-mail me about anything you like or hate about this site, my code, or even me personally :P.

New Website General 1st May 2003
Sourceforge accepted my application, and so the new webiste is I'm in the process of uploading all the projects now, but this shouldn't take long. So please visit this site from now on.

Getting a new website General 30th April 2003
I have applied for hosting on SourceForge. With any luck they will accept my application and I can get these damn dead links sorted out once and for all. So for those of you trying to download something from this site, come back in a few days and hopefully I'll have a new site with all the downloads readily accessable.

Back online... JetStream 15th April 2003

I've moved house recently, and it took me a few weeks to get my Internet connection restored. Unfortunately in that time angelfire decided to kill off a few of my accounts, so there are going to be a lot of dead links for a while as I update the site.

However, in the absence of a net connection to waste time with I have been busy updating the Crystal Space version of Jet Stream. Iíve moved most of the games configuration into external files, meaning you can define levels using just a text editor. This is going to make it a whole lot easier to add content to the game, if and when I get around to that. Iíve been busy implementing Crystal Spaces new csRef smart pointers as well. This was more work than I imagined, but it has paid off. Iíve also made a start on getting the game to compile under Linux. The source distribution now has a KDevelop workspace which does make an executable, just not one that runs. Iíll work on that though.

You can download the new demo and code from the download page (these are some of the few links that are still working).

New Crystal Space JetStream demo JetStream 22nd February 2003
I have updated the Crystal Space JetStream demo to work with the latest 0.96 version of Crystal Space. Go to the JetStream page to download the new demo and code.

New Project Nebula 7th February 2003
DarkBasic is running a programming competition to recreate an old classic with the DarkBasic engine. Iíve decided to enter the competition by remaking the old Commodore 64 game Nebulus. I have already made a start, and you can download the demo here.

New layout General 2nd February 2003
I've whipped up a new layout for the site. It's fairly simple, but is easier on the eye than my last effort (or at least I think so). I have also made an effort to repair all dead links, so everything should be working like it should. Enjoy!

New NeoScript release NeoScript 2nd January 2003
I have updated the win32 NeoScript demo to bring it inline with the 0.4.0 release of NeoEngine. The Linux demo will follow shortly. Go to the NeoScript page to download the demo.

I'm still here... OgreScript 20th December 2002

Things have been quiet on this page for quite a while now, but all is not lost. NeoScript won 3rd place in the NeoEngine competition, and should be available from their website along with the next release of NeoEngine. However I have decided to port back the changes I made in NeoScript to the Scripting Engine, and I now have a new version running back under Ogre. This is in no way a reflection on NeoEngine. It's a fine engine with great potential, but it is still an early project. Ogre has matured a lot since I last looked at it, and I decided that I would like to continue my work using this engine again. I have also decided on an unimaginative name change. Scripting Engine just doesnít roll off the tongue, so it will now be called (drum roll please) OgreScript.

New NeoEngine demo NeoEngine 24th October 2002
I've whipped up a small tech demo intergrating NeoEngine and the Dynamo physics engine. Grab the source and Windows demo from the NeoScript page.



21st October 2002

I've created a new projects page for NeoScript, the continuation of the Scripting Engine project I started but now based on NeoEngine (hence the name). There are both Windows and Linux demos available, and as always the source is available too. I intend to enter NeoScript into the NeoEngine competition which closes in a few days, but I have already shown NeoScript to the NeoEngine team, and they are keen to see development continue well after the competition closes.

Head over to the NeoScript page using the link to the left. Any feedback would be most appreciated.

New Site Layout General 19th October 2002
I have made up a new site layout. I'm not sure if it is any better than my last efforts, but it gives me something to do on boring nights :).

New port of an old project Scripting Engine 10th October 2002

Things have been quiet here for a while, but I have been busy over the last few weeks porting over the Scripting Engine to use NeoEngine. I intend to submit it in the competition they have running.

Since NeoEngine is a Linux engine only (although that is going to change), porting my code over has been a bigger challenge than I expected. While the code wasn't much of a problem, learning to use the tools within Linux was. There is a serious lack of decent IDE's for Linux (and I don't consider Emacs an IDE). I did try Kylix, but it didn't support the distro I was using and so didn't even run. Kdevelop provides a decent environment to work in, but it has its share of problems too. Say what you want about Microsoft, but they make a great IDE. While you canít beat the price of Linux software, you do have to spend a good chuck of time learning how to use it effectively.

That said I am slowing coming to appreciate the power of Linux. Actually if it wasnít for the fact that I canít run my games under Linux Iíd seriously consider ditching Windows altogether.

Anyway, enough ranting. Iíll upload my progress with the NeoEngine port sometime in the next week, and I hope to continue work on the Ogre GUI system that I started as well. So check back in a weeks time for something new.

Scripting Engine with GUI Scripting Engine 13th September 2002

I have made some significant changes to the Scripting Engine. The biggest would be the beginings of a GUI system, which now pops up when the app starts. At the moment it is only a form and a blank blue button, but you can move the form around, and when you press (i.e. press the space bar while the cursor is over the it) the button it will start a flythrough of a test level I whipped up.

See the Scripting Engine page for more details

Ogre GUI test Scripting Engine 8th September 2002

I have been toying with creating a basic GUI system for Ogre. At the moment it isn't much (just a blank form), but it does demonstrate how it will work in future.

Grab the Scripting Engine demo and source to see this in action. You will also have to download the GUI skin (Not nessessary now - just grab the precompiled demo) to see everything in action.

Jet Stream Documentation Jet Stream 2nd September 2002
I have gone through and typed up some Doxygen documentation for the Crystal Space version of Jet Stream. It's not complete yet, but it should provide some help for those looking through the code.

New Page Layout General 31st August 2002
I am experimenting with shifting this whole site over to a PHP/MySQL database for easier management. Although angelfire doesn't support PHP, I can run a database server at home and then upload the resulting HTML files, which is a heap easier then modifying the individual pages every time I want to make one change. This means that this site will probably have a few dead pages for a while while I work the bugs out. Hopefully I can have it all up and running with a week or so.

Crystal Space Competition Jet Stream 29th August 2002
I just noticed today the Jet Stream won 3rd place in the Crystal Space competition! This was completely unexpected (I gave up any hope of securing a position when the judges told me that they couldn't get my code to run...), but there you go. I also received a modification of the Jet Stream code which compiles under Linux. I haven't tried it myself, but I will post it on this site within the next few days for those Linux users out there.

Scripting Engine source update Scripting Engine 23rd August 2002
I have made a few changes to the source, the biggest being Doxygen documentation throughout the code. Check out the Scripting Engine page for more details.