The Band

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The name of the band is  US.

We are:

Grant Garrison Vocals, Lyrics, Percussion, Sampling, Samples, Production, Engineering, Mixing
Stephen Hopkins Keyboards, Samplers/Samples, Lyrics, Percussion
Donald Hughes + * Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar, Additional Leads, Lyrics, Vocals, Keyboards/Samples*
Tommy Gruber ** Bass Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Additional Leads, Lyrics, Vocals, Production, Engineering, Mixing, etc.,...
Mariah LaChance Vocals, Lyrics
Dana Goins Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Lyrics, Vocals, Production, Engineering, Mixing
Theron Graham Rhythm Guitar,  Additional Leads, Lyrics
**Tommy Gruber appears courtesy of Columbia Records® and Neve™
*Donald Hughes' Tumor appears courtesy of the United States Federal Government  - Thanks for the memories you assholes.


   Jungle Honey (.mp3)