Film Resume:

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Feature Films:
"King Pin" Swing Gang Motion Picture Corp.
"The Searchers Pt.2" Weapons / Fight Coord.  Jaron Ent.
"Phantom Seductress" Production Designer Playboy - Mystique Films
"Fatal Glance" Computer Tech. Dancing Coyote
"Hidden World" Costume Painter M. Rappaport Creature F/x
"Demon In A Bottle" Miniatures M. Rappaport Creature F/x
"T2 - 3d" Puppeteer M. Rappaport Creature F/x
"The Glass Cage" Art Director Motion Picture Corp.
"Cheyenne" Special F/x Pyrotechnics HALO Pictures
"Yesterday’s Target" Special F/x Pyrotechnics New Line Cinema
"The Dream Master" Scenic Sculptor Full Moon Entertainment
"Dumb & Dumber" Swing Gang Mojo Films
"3 Ninjas Pt. 2" Lead Swing Touchstone
"Puppet Master IV" Scenic / Carpenter Full Moon Entertainment
"Puppet Master V" Art Department Full Moon Entertainment
"Hybrids" Miniatures / Scenic David Allen Productions
"The Call Of Mr. Sumatra" Carpenter Full Moon Entertainment
"Midnight Kiss" Asst. Art Director  In The Midnight Hour Prod.
"Other People’s Secrets" Asst. Art Director Pirate Pictures
"The Media Madman" Co-Writer / A.D. The Movie Outfit
"Reality And Fantasy" 1st. A.C. Gary Gibb Productions
"Trancers IV, V, VI" Art Department / Swing Full Moon Entertainment
Televison and Video Experience:
"Big Dog"- The Isley Bros. Layout Team Get Back Prod.
"Get Right"-Mac Mall Swing Gang Look,HearSnd.&Vid.
"Tube Head" Asst. Production Designer Mojo Films
"GO-t.v." On-Set Dresser Popular Arts
"HALLS - Vapor action..." Lead swing A & R Group
"Nissan - ‘95 pickup" Asst. Production Designer Mojo Films
"Politically Incorrect" Lead swing A & E
"Candid Camera" 1st A.D. / Art Director King World Productions
"Hammer - Down to My Feet" Scenic / On-Set Dresser Power Films
"Rendezvous" 1st A.D. Calzetti / Clark Pictures
Video Post Production Experience:
"Candid Camera" Asst. Editor King World Prod.
"Q. C." Department In House Quality Control Tech. Western World Video Corp.
Film Shorts:
"The Conference" 1st. A.D. G.S.S. Prod.
"A Futile Attempt" Director FGI Films
"To Slit A Throat" 1st. A.D. The Movie Outfit
"The Last Stand" Special Makeup F/x Film Group Productions
"The Whirling Dervish" F/x Coord. USC student film