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回到那個黑暗的後崩 (post punk),歌德(goth)年代, 英國獨立音樂圈除了 Bauhaus,Sisters Of Mercy,Alien Sex Field 等一眾祟拜黑暗,迷戀鬼神的樂隊外,還有一群遁世的精靈,在 4AD 這個仙界作樂,他們之間的分別好比天國與地獄。

Back to the dark ages, the bloomy time of post punk, Goth, the sound of darkness, fearfulness and pessimistic. Beside, there were also kinds of sadness, beauty, fragility and fantastic sounds displayed a contrary pictures like the heaven and hell. And all of heavenly voices came from the lengend labels, 4AD.

在 4AD 旗下的樂隊都擁有相近的音樂風格 ---- 低調唯美,浪漫淒迷。配合那些飄渺朦朧的封套設計,怎能不叫人留下印象呢?

It signed to the artists who have a nearly music style, so as to create a trend and a new style of music with the unreality, nihilitic cover arts. And that why it can bulid up a style of the labels itself.

真正為 4AD 建立起那別具一幟的唯美飄渺音色,還要數 Cocteau Twins 和 Dead Can Dance。雖然他們都已離開 4AD,但他們獨特的風格,的確建築起 4AD 的黃金時代,可說是4AD 的開國公臣。音樂風格被形容為唯美,dream pop的Cocteau Twins,揉合著神秘主義和世界音樂的Dead Can Dance ,各有一位聲線出塵的女歌手,一套自成一格的招牌聲音。他們對後世的影響也是超出當代所估計的,現代歐陸數之不盡的 heavenly voices,medieval,new classical 組合無一不曾受 Cocteau Twins 和 Dead Can Dance 的薰陶。

During 80's, who helped 4AD to create the first trend were Cocteau Twins and Dead Can Dance. Though both of them left 4AD, they really helped builting the golden years of 4AD. The vocalists of 2 groups Elizabeth Fraser and Lisa Gerrardboth have unique voices, while Cocteau Twins at the dream side and Dead Can Dance in the mystical side. They gave a great influences to the 90's heavenly voices, medieval and new classical groups.

來自4AD的This Mortal Coil 並不是一隊樂隊、組合。簡單來說 This Mortal Coil 是一個代號,代表著 4AD 的總裁 Ivo Watts 的一個充滿野心的概念、計劃。廠牌旗下的樂手突破各人所屬的組合,合力創作一張代表 4AD 唯美聲音的唱片。無論站在樂迷或樂手的角度,This Mortal Coil 都是個令人興奮的、新鮮嘗試。比起慬慬推出一張精選唱片,這更能使人了解 4AD 和唯美音樂。

This Mortal Coil is not a band or an artist, it's an ambitious project by the president of 4AD, Ivo Watts. The aim of This Mortal Coil was to present a overview to the artists in 4AD and the aesthetic sounds. It's a better idea than just released a compilation album.

大部份 4AD 旗下的樂手都有參與 This Mortal Coil 這個計劃,突破原屬的組合,以唯美音樂作主要元素,合作新曲或重新演繹 Ivo Watts 所挑選翻唱作品。This Mortal Coil 共推出了三張大碟,今日,我們都看到 This Mortal Coil 對九十年代的 darkwave: dark ambient, new classical, heavenly voices, havenly groove 的深遠影響。

The project involved most 4AD artists, they mixed from different bands to make new songs or played some covers of Ivo favourite songs as all around the main theme, aesthetic. There were 3 albums released under the name This Mortal Coil, nowadays, people can see how they influenced the 90's davkwave music: dark ambient, new classical, heavenly voices, heavenly groove, all can be found in all 3 albums of This Mortal Coil.

by blux



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