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The following photos are taken and supplied by Mick Mercer. He contacted me after reading my DCFC pages and told me a news that I never heard, Michael J. Sheehy's old band was called Honey Lipped Divine and before named Dream City Film Club, DCFC was called The Beau.

He is a gothic fans and he is looking for some Asian Gothic bands, clubs, web sites for listing in internet. So if you are in a Gothic band or a Gothic site webmaster or a Gothic clubbers and want to let more people know about yours, just send an e mail to tell Mick about that.

Mick also is a photographer and he has lots of DCFC and other bands photos. Now, he is burning them into CD and so to sell. I don't involve with this business, so if you buy, it's the matter between you and him.

Please note that, for faster download, the photos below, their resolution and size are both decreased, that means the quality of the original photos are much better.

The following is his announcement:

The CD costs $20 or $30 (American).

That includes all postage. The CD contains about 300 photos at 600dpi full negative scans (the photos below are 150dpi), comes with case, covers and a bonus folder of 1350 free scans which are examples of other bands I have photographed through the years. Including:



Ablemesh, Action Pact, Adam + Ants, Adrenal, Andalula's Locket, Adverts, Afghan Rebels, Afterbirth, All About Eve, Alvin Purple, And All Because The lady Loves, Angel Intercepter, Anna, Another Pretty Face,? Antonina, The Arguments, Audio Web, Ausgang, Awesome Wells.


Band Called Jeff, Bang Bang Machine, Barefoot Contessa, Bauhaus, Bedflowers, Beef, Bernard, Bikini Kill, Billy Bragg, Blade, Bleach, Blind, Blondie, Blood Sanction, Blubber, Bluetones, Blur, Bob, Bollweevils, Bowlfish, Brackenclock, Brian, Butterfingers, Butterflies.


Cable, Capt Sensible, Carmines, Catatonia, Catwalk, Cecil, Charlie's Angels, Charlottes, Chelsea, Christian Death, Chin, Chodburger, Chuck, The Clash, Cocteau Twins, Colour Noise, Compulsion, The Contenders, The Cravats, Creaming Jesus, Crowsdell, Cuckoo Club.


D.A.D., Daisy Chainsaw, Dancing Did, Danielle Dax, Dreamcity Filmclub, Dead Man's Shadow, Death By Crimpers, Destroy The Boy, DF-118, Die Cheerleader, Dodgy, Doll, Doyenne, Dune Buggy Attack, Dust Devils, Gitane Demone.


8-Track Cartridge Family, Echobelly, Edith Strategy, Elastica, Electric Sex Circus, Empyrean.


Th' Faith Healers, Faith Over Reason, Fantastic Fake Fur, Fat Controllers, Fields Of The Nephilim, Fish Logic, Flamingoes, Flinch, Flying Medallions, Frost Flowers, Furlined, Lita Ford, The Fuzz.


The Galley Slaves, Gaye Bykers On Acid, Girl With A Blue Guitar, Good Enough To Eat, Gouge, Goya Dress, Grimetime, Gloria Mundi, God & Crazy Lesbians From Hell, The Godfathers.


Hangar 37, Heavy Stereo, Hell's Kitchen, Heroines, Honey, Honey Rider, Honey Thieves, Hoffman, Hoover Dan, Huge Baby, Huggy Bear, PJ Harvey, Tim Harrison.


Infected, Inkubus Sukkubus, The Innocents.


David Jay, Junior Manson Slags, Jacob's Mouse, Jazz Butcher, Jim Jiminee, Judda.


Kerbdog, Kerosene, Kingmaker, Kitchens Of Distinction, Kitsch, Krunch, Kung Fu. Land Of Barbara,


Leopards, Lightning Strike, Look Mummy Clowns, Lounger, Lovecraft, Ludicrous Lollipops, Lush, Luxx, Rita Lynch.


Madonna Kebab, Mama Wild, Mambo Taxi, Maniax, Manuskript, Marion, Mega City 4, Melinda Miel, Melt (UK), Melt (Canada), Menswear, Merry Babes, Midway Still, Minxus, Miss B Haven, The Mission, Mk 13, Mo-Dettes, Mondo Popless, Monoland, Monolux, The Mosbies, Motorcade, Pauline Murray & The Storm.


Nilon Bombers, Nub, Nutmeg.


1,000 Mexicans, Leeson O'Keefe, One Tense Body, Our American Cousins, Out Demons Out, The Odd Eccentric.


Bill Pritchard, Mark Perry, PUMP, Pale & Skinny, Parachute Men, Peaceniks, Peakadelic, Peepshow, Penetration, Penny Candles, Pillbox, Pink & Black, Plastic Fantastic, Plan Jayn, Playthings, Popinjays, Pout, Powder, Pretenders, Psychic TV, Punishment of Luxury, Pure Essence, Purple Rhinos.


Julianne Regan, Rattlesnakes, Red Eye Express, Revs, Rezillos, Rich Kids, Riot Clone, Riotous Assembly, Rosa Mota, Rosetta Stone, Rub Ultra, Rugrats, The Ruts.


Sadodada, Safe As Milk, Sahara, Salad, Sarah Sarah, Scarfo, Scrap Iron Scientists, Sect, Security Risk, Sex Beat, Sex Gang Children, Sharkboy, Shed Seven Sham 69, Sharkboy, Shed Seven, Shoot The Joker, Shout, Sid Presley Experience, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Siren, Sister George, Ski Patrol, Skunk Anansie, Slam City, The Slits, SMASH, Smirkic, Snuff, Soda, Soho, Sonar Race, Sourpuss, Southpaw, Spearmint, Splintered, Star 69, Steamboat, Strax, Suede, Supergrass, Sweet Jesus.


2 Lost Sons, 23 Skidoo, 30 Lashes, Tabatha Zu, Temporary Title, Tenpole Tudor, Test Dept, Then Jerico, These Animal Men, Thor, Thurman, Tiny Monroe, Toxic Shock Syndrome, Tragic Venus, Trashcan Soul, Tribute To Nothing, Turbo & The Rockets, TV Smith Explorers, TV Smith.


UK Dekay, Ultravox (John Foxx era, I'm not mad!!!), Unchecked.


Vicious Kiss, Valley Of The Dolls, Velo Deluxe, Venus Envy, Veruca Salt, Very Things, Voodoo Queens.


Walk On Water, Wact, Weekend Swingers, Weekenders, Whirlpool, Whiskey & The Devil, Wigs, Witches, Woman.


(X)CNN, X-Mal Deutschland.


Michelle Yee Chong, Yoghurt Belly.


Zip Zip Undo Me, Zu.


You can get the CD this way:

Within UK:

20 pounds cash, uncrossed PO or cheque (made payable to Mick Mercer).

Rest Of World:

$20 or $30 (American) cash, or a banker's Draft for $20, with the amount written in pounds and payable to Mick Mercer.


Mick Mercer

76A East Street, Selsey, West Sussex, PO20 OBS, England.

(Cash orders are sent out the day the money arrives.)

I e-mail people to let them know the day their order is sent.

e-mail enquiries: