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Dream City Film Club, an burnt illegal porno cinema in London. It's stolen as a name of my favourite band. They were Michael John Sheehy (vocals & guitar), Alex Vald (guitar), Andrew Park (bass), Laurence Ash (drums).

The music of Dream City Film Club is like a black & white lo-fi film shown in a seedy, dirty, empty cinema. And this dark, sinner, guilty film about killing, sex, drugs, violence, dirty and a little bit of absurd beauty. You will find your sinnest side as one of the character in the film. They are taken in the field of New Grave, the rebirth of Post Punk, Gothic or just the sound of desperate. Who loves Dream City Film Club must be cursed that never have a choice to taste the real love and live very unhealthy and desperate.

And they released their first and their classic song, If I Die, I Die ,in one of a side of a 7 inch vinyl by ORG records. Later they signed to Beggars Banquet, the label signed Bauhaus, Southern Death Cult those classic Post Punk and Gothic band, then released the singles, Prefect Pieces Of Trash, Pissboy and re-released If I Die, I Die. With their low, interior personality, they performed in some cheap places, very few reported by the UK indie music media, just some short reviews in NME and Q. More reports can be found in Kerrang which is an UK metal magazine, though they are not metal.

To me, in far away Hong Kong they are a very mystical band.

by blux



After released the E.P. Stranger's Blues, DCFC disbanded, the vocalist's gone solo, sign to Beggars Banquet and release a brilliant album in 2000. As if And Also The Trees was the most underated band in 80's, Dream City Film Club was the one in 90's.


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