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UFO Down

On the long holiday weekend over the Fourth of July, 1947, a mysterious airborne object of some sort came apart and spread derbis all over a wide area of desert ranchland north of the little town of Roswell, New Mexico, causing a major controversy that still rages to this day as to what it was and where it came from.

On Tuesday July 8, 1947, the local paper the ROSWELL DAILY RECORD in blazing headlines across the front page prints:

RAAF Captures Flying Saucer
On Ranch in Roswell Region

The very NEXT day, Wednesday July 9, 1947, in the same local daily newpaper, the headlines read:

Gen. Ramey Empties Roswell Saucer

Ramey Says Excitement is Not Justified
General Ramey Says Disk is Weather Balloon

The first headline may have started the controversy, but the second one didn't end it. UFOlogists continue to claim that even before the downed object became public there was nothing but a concerted effort to cover up whatever happened out on the plains that stormy night.(see) Within hours of the estimated crash down there are reports of mysterious flights carrying huge boxes to unknown destinations. Military truck convoys loaded with even larger unmarked crates headed to who knows where. Some say there is debris, I-beams, with Hieroglyphic Writing on them, UFO writing. Alien symbols some claim. There is also mysterious metal foil that has since come to be called Memory Foil in UFO lore because when folded in springs right back to it's original shape without any creases or signs of a fold. There are reports of a second crash site in the mountains west of Roswell that had an almost complete craft that slammed into the rocks and boulders. Years later it came out that a noted archaeologist, Professor William Curry Holden of Texas Tech, was camping with students in the Capitan Mountains the night of the crash and saw something come down. The next morning they went looking for it thinking it may have been a wrecked plane. They came across a metal object all banged up resting against the rocks. Before they could get close or do any real investigating an armed military contingent moved in and escorted them out of the area. A second archaeologist, William Lawrence Campbell, also claimed to have come across the downed craft. Campbell, known as Cactus Jack and who would eventually end up a grizzly old prospector type, was a bit more of a seat-of-the-pants kind of guy with a onetime reputation as a rockhound and Pothunter than the fully academic Holden. Campbell had first hand experience with the infamous World War II UFOs that aviators called Foo Fighters. Foo Fighters harassed pilots and flight crews on both sides of the action throughout the war, remaining unidentified and basically just disappearing into aviation history after the end of hostilities. Campbell, apparently being comfortable because of his knowledge of Foo Fighters, came forward early on with his account. Holden maintained a slience on the subject clear up until the time he was nearly on his deathbed, and only when he was sought out did he reveal even the meekest of information. UFOlogist Thomas J. Carey spent a great deal of time interviewing and searching down the facts, but as with most of the Roswell reports, contradictions surfaced between the two archaeologist and their sightings. Campbell, who was never located by Carey, reportedly described the object as "round," Holden's was delta or wedged shaped. Even the locations of the crash scene varied between the two. Supporters and detractors stepped forward championing their own positions and discrediting the opposition.

Even though the government continued to deny the "flying saucer" story after the initial report, sticking with the "downed weather balloon" scenario, they still, two months later, brought in famed metorite hunter Dr. Linclon La Paz. La Paz'es job was to find out if he could determine the Roswell object's trajectory, a move considered by most observers to be highly unusual if the object was thought to be actually no more than a mere inflated slow moving wind blown weather device. During his investigation La Paz discovered a previously unknown touch-down site not far from the debris field where the sand was fused into a glass-like substance, apparently by something extremely hot that either landed there or flew over briefly very close to the surface. The interesting thing about the newly discovered site was that it was in direct line with the debris field and the Capitan Mountain crash site, as though whatever caused it flew straight over the area, debris field, and right into the boulders on the lower north slope of the mountains.



According to perhaps the most thorough, comprehensive, and current source regarding Roswell on the internet, ROSWELL INCIDENT: UPDATED, filled with information and insights from a person that was actually there, the surface of the touch down area five miles north of and between the debris field and the mountains gave off a slight pale blue hue as though a thin patina of some sort had been sprayed all along the swath of the fused-glass site. The debris field and the Capitan Mountain site show no indications of the hue and La Paz conjectures it is because the other two sites have been reworked to show no evidence. Years later a co-investigator with La Paz, a mysterious bio-searcher that had several plant species named after him (see), and who many claimed had in his possession a piece of the magically unfolding Memory Foil from the downed object, suggests it crashed because of the great 1947 sunspots called Coronal Mass Ejections emanating from the solar body that year --- and most assuredly so the same month the object went down. The conjectures just add more controversy.

Interestingly enough, La Paz himself, only a few days after Roswell, had seen a flying object in New Mexico as large or larger than the gigantic UFO OVER L.A.: The Battle of Los Angeles seen by thousands over that city in February, 1942 [1].


It should be brought to the attention of the reader that there is NO evidence that a crystal skull of any type, size or shape is related to the events at Roswell. Any connection is a recently created phenomenon unsubstantiated by any proof. Now, while it is true a good portion of proof related to the Roswell Incident is highly speculative in itself, the skull situation is perceived by most with any historical background of the downed object to be questionable at best.

For the most accurate background information on the Roswell incident see the early works of Frank Edwards, done long before the inundation of all the hype and speculative fluff.

NOTE: If you have not read Footnote [1] as of yet please scroll down toward the bottom of the page.





NOTE: Graphic at top of page is for visual purposes only. It is from a 1960s Twilight Zone episode. See NOT THE ROSWELL CRASH PHOTO.


Dr. Lincoln La Paz, who had thousands and thousands of hours of scientific time observing celestial objects himself, reported on July 10th, 1947, six days after the Roswell crash, seeing a huge eliptical-shaped object flying in the sky near Fort Sumner, New Mexico, while driving by car with his wife and children. He saw a luminous unknown object sort of oscillating beneath the clouds. Its brightness was stronger than the planet Jupiter and its shape regular and elliptical. The nature of this object was unknown to the astronomer.

In a Life Magazine article dated April 7, 1952 La Paz is quoted as saying the object "..exhibited a sort of wobbling motion" and then disappeared behind some clouds. It reappeared and "projected against the dark clouds gave the strongest impression of self-luminosity." The object then moved slowly from south to north and two and a half minutes behind a cloudbank. According to La Paz's calculations, confirmed by his wife, the object was huge, as large or larger than the infamous "Battle of Los Angeles" object seen by thousands in February, 1942, being some 235 feet long and 100 feet thick (NOTE: according to reports as cited in the above link, the Los Angeles UFO was, however, thought to be closer to 800 feet in length). La Paz reported the horizontal speed of the object he observed ranged between 120 and 180 miles per hour and its vertical rise between 600 and 900 miles per hour.


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