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Welcome! Here you can find out everything you ever wanted to know about me musically. You can email me at adam@adamrichmusic.net

updated 7/1/18

Getting tight with Kurt

Been jamming with my drummer Kurt for a couple months now on the 12 songs for my next album Peaceful & With Purpose .
These songs were written from late 2015 to late 2017. Recording will start later this year for a 2019 or 2020 release.

Album with Dave Smeltz being mixed

Since early 2017, I have been playing bass for Cleveland reggae godfather Dave Smeltz. We have also been recording his album, which is being mastered.
A late summer release is planned, with gigs to support it.

LoveMuffinPalooza 2018

It's that time again! LoveMufinPalooza: A benefit for The Gathering Place will be September 6-8 this year.
Go to Love Muffin Records for all the information