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me sitting in the meteorology (met) office

the met office

the Met Cyber Cafe

entering the science building. the helicorders for the seismology are here, as well as the met office and the public computer lab.

a little further down the hall.

large CO2 fire suppression system.

half the trash cans.

the other half of the trash cans.

the entrance i came in originally.

the helicorders.

the office where i do the earthquake picks every day. i share the office with ryan, the safety and health guru, and al, the cyro tech.

the tunnel from the dome to skylab.

the blanket hiding the ubarrel in skylab.

behind the blanket...

what's on the floor below, collecting the u.

the lounge in skylab, with all the musical instruments.

other half of the lounge.

the ladder up into my lab, the aurora lab.

looking back down the ladder.

the aurora lab.

the aurora lab.

the aurora lab.

the aurora lab.

the aurora lab.

the clean air sector from skylab

the sparcle shack from skylab.

the seismic vault entrance from skylab.

the escape hatch from the dome, from skylab.

my room, left side

my room, center.

my room, right side

left side of my room, looking up

right side of my room, looking up

me with my bacon hoard at midrats 8 march. i ate perhaps a pound. we had a special midrats (midrats official stopped a week before station close when everyone went on day), cooked by nathan--bacon and eggs to order! that's a glass of apple juice, by the way...

me with my bacon hoard.

me with my three "toad in a hole", perfectly cooked! aaah, real eggs!

me recovering on the couch we put in the galley, after having eaten too much!!

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