i took this picture on march 1st. i'd been outside for about 90 minutes, measuring snow accumulation. it was -60F, windchill -100F. that's a blue neck gaiter i'm wearing. and that is frost on my eyelashes.

"Weekly" online journals

A couple sketches my friend Meghan made at MidRats one night.

Pictures around south pole station

more pictures around south pole station

pictures from our multi sunset.

pictures of my recent haircut, and a couple moon images.

pictures mike and i making dinner for the station a few weeks ago.

pictures from Casino Night.

pictures from sunrise.

current weather: Click for Amundsen-Scott Forecast

Training for Pole--fire school and high altitude hiking!

Pix from pole fire school and some hiking i did in colorado during training.

Fire School


Interesting weather (rainbows and lightning!)

Other polies' pages:

Mike Town's page. very spare, very funny.

Steve Hudson

Dana Hrubes Be sure to check out his awesome annotated aerial map of the station.

Nathan Tift

Marc Hellwig

Steffen Richter

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