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3D and panoramic pictures by 3Dimka (

If you use any of these pictures, please do not edit it. And point to this web site, please, if you use pictures
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3D galleries:

Here are a lot of 3D pictures. All of them are made by myself. You need Red-Green glasses to see these three dimentional pictures. Most of them are maden in the mountains, such a Crimea (Ukraine), Caucasus (Russia)

Ukraine. Simeiz Ukraine. Karadag Panoramas:
Here are panoramic photos. How did I take them? With usual camera and computer program which I made for this. It's not so hard to make panoramic picture even without a computer. Just make some photos from one point that way, that each next photo overlaps a previous one. Then, after printing coincide them and there will be a simple panoramic picture! I coincide pictures via my computer program.

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