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Caucasus in 3D. Summer 2001

There were two crazy weeks of every day hiking. And it's not so easy to make stereo photos in the mountains because of large sizes. And stereo basis have to be from tens to hundreds meters. I took all these pictures only with one camera. How? I make one picture from one point and run throw the stones and surprised friends to second point, where I make one more picture. Why do I run? Because of clouds. They move and spoil stereo photo this way. And as faster I run as 3D photo will be better.
Mountain lakes are very cold. Some of them covered with ice even in the summer. It's a special pleasure to swim there and I didn't miss such possibility. There is a lot of fun when you slide down the snow hill and jump with high speed to cold water! Here is very interesting 3D photo - ancient icon of Jesus Christ! It's found 3 years ago and it is most ancient Russian icon. It was painted more then 1000 years ago - in the VIII century by Allans. Allans were a refugees from Byzantium. There was not allowed to worship to an icons in Byzantium, that's why allans came here, in Caucasus and settled here. So, take you RG glasses and enjoy the views of Caucasus mountains!

Click on the picture to show it fullscreen:

The alpine meadows

The lake of Duka river

The lake of Sofia river

Crater lake

Egg lake

The lake of Sofia river

The lake of Sofia river

Love lake

Arhyz mountains

Seven-color lake

Big stones

Ancient Christ icon


Zelenchuk river

Chabakly-kiol lake

Rainbow above Arhyz

House in Alania

There many 3D photos are not ready yet. I need to scan and render them. I'll do this as soon as possible. So visit this page again.

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