European Heads of State and Consorts, 1896

King Leopold II of Belgium, King Alfonso XIII of Spain, President Félix Faure of France, President Adrien Lachenal of Switzerland, King Carlos I of Portugal, King Christian IX of Denmark.
Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria-Hungary, King Oscar II of Sweden & Norway, Emperor Nicholas II of Russia, King Umberto I of Italy, Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany.
Sultan Abdul Hamid II of the Ottoman Empire, King George I of Greece, King Alexander I of Serbia, King Carol I of Romania, Prince Ferdinand I of Bulgaria, Prince Nikola I of Montenegro.

CountrySovereignBornAccededConsort or MotherBorn
United KingdomQueen Victoria24 May181920 Jun1837
Austria-Hungary Emperor Franz Joseph I 18 Aug 1830 2 Dec 1848Empress Elisabeth
(Duchess Elisabeth in Bavaria)
24 Dec1837
LiechtensteinPrince Johann II5 Oct1840 12 Nov 1858
MontenegroPrince Nikola 7 Oct1841 13 Aug 1860Princess Milena
(Milena Vukotić)
4 May1847
Greece King George I 24 Dec 1845 30 Mar1863Queen Olga
(Grand Duchess Olga of Russia)
3 Sep1851
Denmark King Christian IX8 Apr 1818 16 Nov1863Queen Louise
(Princess Luise of Hesse-Kassel)
7 Sep1817
Belgium King Leopold II9 Apr 183517 Dec1865Queen Marie Henriette
(Archduchess Maria Henrietta of Austria)
23 Aug1836
Romania King Carol I 20 Apr1839 20 Apr 1866Queen Elisabeth
(Princess Elisabeth of Wied)
29 Dec1843
Sweden & Norway King Oscar II21 Jan182918 Sep1872Queen Sophia
(Princess Sophia of Nassau)
9 Jul1836
Ottoman EmpireSultan Abdul Hamid II22 Sep184231 Aug1876
Italy King Umberto I14 Mar18449 Jan 1878Queen Margherita
(Princess Margherita of Savoy)
20 Nov1851
SpainQueen Maria Cristina
(Archduchess Maria Christina of Austria)
21 Jul1858
King Alfonso XIII 17 May 188617 May 1886
Bulgaria Prince Ferdinand I 26 Feb 1861 7 Jul 1887Princess Maria Louisa
(Princess Marie Louise of Bourbon-Parma)
17 Jan1870
Germany Empress Frederick
(Princess Victoria of the United Kingdom)
21 Nov1840
Emperor Wilhelm II 27 Jan 1859 15 Jun1888Empress Auguste Viktoria
(Princess Auguste Viktoria of Schleswig-Holstein)
22 Oct1858
Serbia Queen Natalie
(Natalija Keşko)
15 May1859
King Alexander I 14 Aug18766 Mar1889
Monaco Prince Albert 13 Nov 1848 10 Sep 1889Princess Alice
(Alice Heine)
10 Feb1858
Portugal Queen Maria Pia
(Princess Maria Pia of Savoy)
14 Feb1847
King Carlos I28 Sep186319 Oct1889Queen Maria Amélia
(Princess Amélie of Orléans)
28 Sep1865
LuxembourgGrand Duke Adolf24 Jul 1817 23 Nov 1890Grand Duchess Adelaide
(Princess Adelheid of Anhalt-Dessau)
25 Dec1833
Netherlands Queen Emma
(Princess Emma of Waldeck & Pyrmont)
2 Aug1858
Queen Wilhelmina 31 Aug 1880 23 Nov 1890
Russia Empress Maria Feodorovna
(Princess Dagmar of Denmark)
26 Nov1847
Emperor Nicholas II 18 May 1868 1 Nov 1894Empress Alexandra Feodorovna
(Princess Alix of Hesse)
6 Jun1872
FrancePresident Félix Faure30 Jan184117 Jan1895
SwitzerlandPresident Adrien Lachenal19 May18491 Jan1896

Queen Marie Henriette of Belgium, Queen Maria Cristina of Spain, Queen Olga of Greece, Victoria Queen of the United Kingdom, Queen Amalie of Portugal, Queen Louise of Denmark.
Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary, Queen Sophia of Sweden & Norway, Empress Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia, Queen Margarita of Italy, Empress Augusta Victoria of Germany.
Queen Emma of the Netherlands, Wilhelmina Queen of the Netherlands, Queen Nathalia of Serbia, Queen Elisabeth of Romania, Princess Marie Louise of Bulgaria, Princess Milena of Montenegro.

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