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Welcome to my webpage! I have been interested in genealogy for quite some time now, and would love to exchange information with any "cousins" I can find. This page is specifically for my maternal grandfather's family, who came from Tyrol, Austria (now Italy) to America. Other surnames associated with my Pedri & Flaim families are Corra and Nolet. Below is a little bit about my family. I am also interested in hearing from any descendants of the brother (mentioned below), Frank Pedri/Pedro, as I lose track of him after the 1900 census. Thank you for visiting, and I hope to hear from you soon :-)


About My Family

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Peter Pedri/Pedro was born 1866-1869 in Tyrol, Austria. I'm not sure of the exact birthyear because of conflicting documents; the 1900 census gave Peter's birthdate as Aug. 31, 1865. His death certificate gave his birthdate as Sept. 4, 1866; son Joseph was the informant on this certificate. His Petition for Naturalization gave his birthdate as Sept 4, 1869. I would imagine the date on the naturalization records (1869) was correct, but one never knows.
Peter's parents *may* have been Peter Pedri/Pedro & Mary Corra, also of Austria, but I lack the documentation to prove this. I have also found no record of them coming to America with son Peter or otherwise. The surname itself has obviously been changed upon Peter's arrival to America. All records I have found in the U.S. (marriage, censuses, etc.) say "Peter Pedro," but his naturalization papers his signature clearly says "Peter Pedri." Not sure why this would have been changed.
He came to America in 1884, arriving in New York. At that time, Castle Garden was the immigration landing depot, as Ellis Island wasn't opened until 1890. When trying to locate the documentation of his arrival (mainly to find out who he came with), I learned that all of the records from Castle Garden were lost in a fire. I have been unsuccessful at locating any ship's manifests with his name in them, so at this point it is impossible to tell whether he came alone or with other family members. It is also unknown exactly when he moved to Pennsylvania, but he was married in June 1895 in Northumberland Co., PA to Mary Flaim. After their marriage, Peter & Mary stayed in Shamokin, PA. They lived in the mining village of Excelsior, Coal Township, about 4 miles east of Shamokin, and Peter was a coal miner. They remained there through 1910, but sometime before 1915 moved into Shamokin Borough, where Peter apparently tried his hand at running a grocery. Later records again show his occupation as "miner." They appeared in the Shamokin Borough, Coal Township 1920 census. In the 1900 Excelsior census, living with Peter & family; "Frank Pedro" born July 25, 1874 was listed as Peter's brother. Frank was also a miner, and the census stated he had arrived that same year from Tyrol, Austria.
Mary & Peter had the following children in Shamokin PA:
Mary Helen, b.1895, m. Barrett
Cecelia "Della", b.1897, m. Ely
Hannah "Bessie", b.1899, m. Olcese
Violet, b.1901, m. Klemick
Peter, b.1903 (he later changed the spelling of this last name to "Pedrow")
Paul, b.1906
John Francis "Frank", b.1908
Joseph T., b.1912
John Charles., b.1920

Mary Flaim was also born in Tyrol, Austria, in 1878. The 1900 census says she immigrated in 1889, the 1910 census says she immigrated in 1890. Her parents were Francesco "Frank" Flaim & Maddelina Nolet, of Revoh (spelling?) Austria, and according to family story they resided in NJ, though I can find no records of them there. They are both buried there though. According to a great great grandson, Francesco's name was actually "Francesco di Pietro" on one of his son's documents, but this has caused me great confusion. I am not well versed in the methods of Austrian naming methods, so if anyone out there has knowledge of this could you please contact me and let me know what this "di Pietro" may mean? From information given by other family members, Francesco & Maddelina had these children, all in Austria:
Leonlina "Anna"
Francesco supposedly died in 1900, and Maddelina in 1899, when some of their children were still minors. Because of this, Anna was adopted by a family with the surname of Malloy, and John by the Maloney family.

That's about all I have on these families so far, but if anyone can add to this information or give any suggestions for further research, please do write to me.

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