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Order letters from Santa Claus for your children this holiday season.

Making a little money with your computer is something we all like doing. Many of us do this already simply by browsing for the best prices and hunting for sales--- money saved is money earned, after all! There are many places that can give you a bit more though by rewarding you with cash or merchandise for doing things online that you already do (like surfing). Some of these sites are doubly neat because you can earn points to redeem for gifts just by ordering free samples and such, or by playing games you'd enjoy anyway! All of these offers are absolutely free to sign up for at the time of this writing, so go ahead and enjoy! I will add new links occaisionally, so check back again for more opportunities. If you chose to join any of these free programs, I hope you will please consider using me as your referral, as I use most gift certificates I earn with some of the programs to buy things for our homeschool. And for those of you who have already used me as your referral I want to say a big THANK YOU! It is appreciated more than you could imagine.

wd_brwnGet paid to surf & shop wd_brwn Get paid for taking surveys
wd_brwn Earn points, get rewards wd_brwn Miscellaneous

For those of use who see the "cents" in shopping frugally, here are some more helpful links:

wd_brwn Coupons
wd_brwn Rebates

Just for fun, I've added some freebies links here too. There are TONS of these on the web, but these are some of my favorites:

wd_brwn Free product samples
wd_brwn General freebies
wd_brwn Toll-free freebies
wd_brwn Free Internet & eMail

Surfing & Shopping

wd_brwn NetFlip

This is mainly a "get paid to shop" website where you get cash back on purchases you would make online anyway. You can also make extra money by signing up for things like CD clubs, cheap long distance sevices, and other things. What makes this program a little bit different is that after you've earned $20 you can request actual cash (as opposed to redeeming points for awards) to be sent directly to you in the form of a check. You get $3.00 just for signing up, and it doesn't take long to earn more. This program has been around a long time and I don't get a load of junk mail or anything from them (a real "plus" in my book!).

wd_brwn Greenpoints

Remember the old green stamps we used to get at the grocery stores for shopping? Well this is pretty much the same except that it's obviously online and you can get points for more than just grocery shopping.

wd_brwn AllPaidFor

Earn points and redeem them for free magazine subscriptions. Please use referral #123752.


wd_brwn American Consumer Opinion

Sign up to be invited to take select surveys. If you choose to participate in a survey, you will be rewarded with either cash or some other form of gift. Participating in an online focus group can earn you $25 or more! Just for being a member, you will be entered in a monthly drawing for cash awards. This is a no-hassle opportunity to make your opinions be heard.

wd_brwn Survey Savvy

Earn money for surveys and referring friends & family. Surveys typically take only 10-15 minutes, and you will be paid by check upon your request

wd_brwnSurvey Spot

You will recieve invitations by eMail to join surveys you qualify for. Each mail will tell you ahead of time what the reward for participating will be. They give cash, prizes, and sweepstakes entries. *Tip: if you join this one through Memolink, Memolink will credit you with 80 points!

wd_brwn Greenfield Online

They offer entries for giveaways, cash, and merchandise for participating in their surveys. You need to check their website for surveys regularly though because they only occaisionally send out invitations.

wd_brwn Vividence

They send out invitations for people to evaluate websites, and award you with gift certificates for participating.

wd_brwn Harris Poll Online

Participating in their surveys earns you points that you redeem for gifts and gift certificates.

wd_brwn goZing

Participate in their surveys and you can get either cash or gift certificates.

Earn Points

If you're not familiar with these types of programs, the concept is simple: you perform quick tasks online, you receive points for doing so, you cash in your points for various rewards. All of the programs are free to join, and the rewards (particularly the gift certificates) can come in really handy during the holidays in particular!

wd_brwn StartSampling

This one's really easy, and you get some great free samples in the mail as well. To earn points you may order samples, give feedbacks on your samples, visit websites, send in receipts & proofs of purchases, and sometimes take a survey. You even get 10 points every time you visit the site, and more for referring your friends. Redeem your points for a variety of items.Please use "Jacci" as your referral :-)

wd_brwn Creations Rewards

If you only join *one* of these free programs, this is the one to choose. You don't need to earn a huge amount of points to get gift certificates from well-known places such as WalMart and Amazon, and it's fairly easy to earn them. The website is easy to navigate and the pages load quickly. This site also has a decent word-of-mouth reputation for paying out quickly once you've earned your rewards. Please use referrer ID#35247 if you join.

wd_brwn Memo Link

Get 100 points just for joining, then earn more by taking surveys, shopping, visiting websites, and referring your friends. Points are reddemable for gift certificates for many popular companies. They claim they will be offering more points earning opportunities in the future. Please use "" as a referral if you sign up :-)

wd_brwn Milesource

I've only recently joined this one, but the points have added up VERY quickly already. You can earn by shopping, as with most programs, but you can also gets points just for visiting websites, answering a daily trivia question, clicking an occaisional eMail link, and more. They are working on a section where you can play games to earn your points too. Though some users complain that they take a long time to deliver rewards once you earn them, they *do* deliver and the points are so easy to earn I figure it's well worth the time

wd_brwn Free Gift Central

This one is a bit different from all the other "click & earn" programs. Currently you don't get points for anything but signing up for offers (like free trials, CD & book clubs, etc.) but just signing up for a few is enough for a gift. The gifts are great, and include things like cellphone accessories, digital camera, and even a DVD player!

wd_brwn My Points

I've been having a bit of trouble finding many ways to earn points with this one besides shopping, but other users have really given this program the "thumbs up." They claim you can get points for reading eMails, surfing, and filling out surveys as well.

wd_brwn MinRak

Get points for surfing, signing up for free trial offers, shopping, reading eMails, searching, and referrals. Redeem them for gift certificates, cash, or gifts. You get 150 points for signing up, and it's fairly easy to quickly rack up enough points for a gift certificate or other prize. This site has a couple of added bonuses as well, such as free electronic greeting cards and resumes. Please use SVHS03 as your referrer if you join :-)

wd_brwn Mr. Points

Like FreeGiftCentral (above), you earn points for trying out offers, but instead of earning free gifts for your efforts you cash in your points for gift certificates from places like Blockbusters, Home Depot, Walmart, etc.

wd_brwn Prima Rewards

You earn points by shopping online, visiting websites, trying out offers, taking surveys, entering contests, and winning their lotto. Turn in your points for either gift certificates or PayPal cash.

wd_brwn Giant Rewards

Earn for shopping, trying out offers, and entering contests. Trade them in for terrific products or cash back. I'm new to this one myself, but in spite of the large amount of points that it appears to require for any products, the items are pretty nice. Please use "" as your referral :-)

wd_brwn AllPaidFor

Earn credits for visiting websites, entering sweepstakes, signing up for free offers, referrals, etc. Credits are applied to a free FirstNet debit card they give you (no social security numbers or other sensitive info needed though)that you use to purchase free magazine subscriptions. They offer a free web-based eMail service and free greeting cards as well. Please use ID#123752 as your referrer.

wd_brwn Freeride

This one is at the bottom of the list for good reason. It's been around for many years compared to most, and in its day was THE best. Though it is still quite reputable, as of the time of this writing, you'll have to tally up a whole lot of points before you earn anything. Still, many people are loyal to the program, though I personally find programs like CreationsRewards or Memolink to be more reasonable.


wd_brwn PayPal

Wasn't sure where to put this one in the list, but a few of the programs mentioned above will send you cash this way if that's what you opt to collect for a reward. It's also good for auction transactions, or even if you just need to send someone money in a hurry. No more waiting for other peoples' checks to clear (and wondering if they will!) or for that moneyorder to arrive in the mailbox. You can send and receive money through this program quickly and safely, and nobody can "request" money from your account or get your personal information. All pay transactions are initiated by you and must be verified by you. Most auction sellers will ship your item to you immediately if you pay with PayPal because they know the money is good.When someone pays *you* through PayPal, it will show up on your account and you can have it sent to you immediately. Signing up for a basic personal account is free.



Signup and print free coupons good in any store that accepts coupons. Recipes, exercise tips, household hints, and nutrition tips are also included on this website.

wd_brwn Eversave

Sign to get coupons from a variety of stores, restraunts, and websites. Freebies and special offers, as well as price comparisons make this site pretty useful. *Tip*: you can sign up for Eversave through one of the "Earn Points" programs listed above and get points for joining this!


wd_brwn Rebate Place

Search for and download manufacturer's rebates in catagories including hardware, software, electronics, and appliances.

Product Samples

*Note: There are also some places to get absolutely free samples where you earn points for ordering them as well in the "Earn Points" section (see above)


This website lists loads of free samples and such.


wd_brwn Pumpkins Toll-free Phone Freebies

Wow! get a pen and paper and be prepared to jot down ALOT of phone numbers for loads of terrific offers.

General Freebies

wd_brwn The Free Vault

Freebies in just about every category you could think of!


Thousands of free offers by category including coupons, contests, catalogs, demos, samples, and more.

Internet & eMail

wd_brwn MasterLab

Free eMail, greeting cards, voice chat, games, and more.

wd_brwn DotNow

Free Internet Service Provider that is compatible with both netscape and Internet Explorer browsers.

wd_brwn Guess Mail

Free eMail and address book

wd_brwn Hotmail

Free eMail and MSN messenger

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