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Good things come in small packages...
Never have truer words been spoken, and never have more hearts been forever tied to one so small but so Mighty. Though we are not all together, love knows no distance. We are all with you in heart and soul and spirit...

I cannot believe you are really gone sweetheart~ for you are just a happy thought or all these tear drops away~ Your mummy and I had such plans for you were our girl. Maryjanes on your footsies and pigtales in your hair. I love you Imogen our Mighty, soar baby girl on those angel wings, but not too far, your bright eyes, your determination and courage.... Daddy read to you honey~ tales of Huckleberry Finn, going down that river sweetpea on a warm summers day...white washed fences and pretty bright flowers~ a gentle breeze~ whispers your name~ Loving you.....cherishing....remembering.....
Our Girl....
Auntie Lis, Uncle Mark, Joey, and Ryne

Our Precious Girl, I know you are safe in the arms of so many of our angels, but that does not ease our longing for you here. Such a special mommy and daddy you have, who tried to make your days here filled with the love and nurturing of a lifetime. I know they will keep each second they had with you in their hearts forever, and they will remember, we all will remember our Imogen~
Much love, Tamara, Brett, Austin,
^i^ Hope, and Leila

Little gently, sweet girl, we all love you so much... My heart is breaking for you both, Karin and Kieron, I did with Cody...I truly believe she is happy. No more pain, no more suffering. She is running though fields of flowers, playing with Soren, catching butterflies and laughing joyfully out loud... Hang onto those beautiful memories of her, and remember,
she is never gone, just away.

**Tears**...I love you Imogen and I am so proud of you sweetheart for how very hard you fought to stay with us. You gave us all so many wonderful memories, forgive us, we wanted many more.
Good Night Sweet Angel.
Karin and Kieron,
My heart hurts with yours.

Dear Karin and Kieron, Imogen could not have had better parents or been a more beautiful child. Yes, we could of missed the pain of losing her, but then we would of missed out on her. I am so sorry that she could not stay, but so grateful for the Gift of Imogen, she will live so long as there are hearts who remember,and dear ones, we will remember.
Much Love, Linda Schill and Matthew

Dear Karin and Kieron, Sending hugs and our love across the world to you. We are so sorry, words fail. Thank you so very much for sharing such a precious child with us, for allowing us to
celebrate her life with you.
With love and friendship always,
Debra and Paul Hansen

Dear Karin and Kieron,
Hello friends, I wish with all my heart I was not writing this. When I first lost Justin, people told me how sad that I had him for 6 months to be taken, not thinking of what that time meant to me. The time we have our children here, be it minutes or years is precious to us and we always long for more. Your memories will not all be sweet ones, but we'll take the bitter with the sweet. To do it all again, a heartbeat would not pass, before we answer yes, yes God, We'd do it all again to have known her. No parent should have to endure this once, let alone twice. Please know others are here to hold you up when your strength alone will not carry you.
With Love from Ole Jules

Dear Karin and Kieron,
I don't even know how to begin to tell you how sorry I am about Imogen. Words can not even describe what Imogen meant to me and so many of us. To me, she felt like my own baby. I was honored to have shared her life through you. I will always remember her and cherish how much she meant to all of us. Imogen showed us all how spunky and what a fighter she was. Please know I am sending my Love. I know we have never met in person but I do care alot about you. Sending hugs to you both and blowing kisses to Imogen.
Love you, Gypsy-Callie Drew's Mom

I have thought about the many challenges of Imogens life and how she triumphed against so many odds, to be here, to be with her parents. She knew how special you were, you are you know. I have smiled big wide smiles and cried so many tears. This little one will always hold a piece of my heart.
Love, Tori, Vin, Julianne and Thomas DeAngelo

Dear Karin and Kieron, Words simply cannot express our sorrow for the loss of such a special little girl. Imogen was a ray of hope who's bright light will always shine in our hearts.
With Sympathy and Love,
Alison and Dave Moss
Parents of angel Andrew and Benjamin
New York

How can I help you to say goodbye to such a precious life? I remember her beginning, and cheered her coming, and the debate over Mighty, (shes not a mouse posts :)), I remember the fear in our hearts with her not growing, I remember our first peek at such a tiny baby girl with the biggest of eyes. I remember hearing so many wonderful things from a continent so far away, and I felt my heart breaking upon hearing she could not stay.
Hugging you tightly, and sending love,
Mel- Rachael and Aubreys Mommie

Imogen was a beautiful butterfly, one of rare and fragile beauty. She brought love into our hearts and has left us all thankful that she became part of our lives. Imogen 'cariad fach' You will be forever in our thoughts and always in our hearts. Many tears have fallen but I will treasure the memories.
Karin and Kieron, Thank you for allowing
me and my family into yours.
Love to you (((((((Hugs))))))))
Taz Mummy to Tomos (Lost Dec 93)
Leah (Born Feb 10th 95)
Max (Lost Nov 99)
Natasha(Born Oct 6th 2000)

Dear Karen and Kieron, I have not known you long but feel as if I've known you and your sweet Imogen forever. Thank-you for sharing your beautiful daughter with us. I wish I could erase all the pain for you both. I will continue to pray for peace and strength.
I send my love to you and to Imogen.
Love, Joellen (mom to Mackenzie

Dearest Karin and Kieron-
My husband and I want you to know how very sorry we are to hear of Imogens' death. Our hearts go out to you both. As parents we never expect that our children will not outlive us. I know you have faced this before, when you lost Soren. We looked almost daily for updates on how things were with sweet Imogen. She is very loved and missed. God Bless and keep you safe, knowing he holds her near.
Paige and Jerod Olson
Parents of Amanda 4/6/00 to 4/10/00
Del Mar, California

I wish I knew how to help, how to mend your broken hearts but sadly we all know that is just not possible. Grieving takes a life-time because how can we deny our children? We cannot. Imogen was a very bright and feisty little girl who showed us all how very strong and brave she was. I do feel she got that from her parents. You are the epitamy of wonderful people. No one is more deserving of a happy ending, our love and respect. I am so very sorry.
In friendship and love, Marianne-
Seth's mom and Cameron born 2-14-01
New York

Dear Karin and Kieron,
Imogen's life touched many, many people... her "mighty" spirit sending ripples of love across the oceans. Your strength and courage has inspired us all. Here is an exerpt from a poem called "Upon the Sand" written by Ella Wheeler Wilcox:
Yet, when from the frowning east a sudden gust Of adverse fate is blown, or sad rains fall Day in, day out, against its yielding wall, Lo! the fair structure crumbles to the dust. Love, to endure life's sorrow and earth's woe, Needs friendship's solid masonwork below.
Sending you loving thoughts and prayers. May God hold you and comfort you in His loving embrace.
Rest gently in His arms Sweet Imogen.
With love and prayers,
Debbie Vinette(Sarah'smom)

Dear Karin and Kieron
I am so sorry that you both must go through this pain again. I want you both to know I have prayed and thought of you and our Miss Mighty Imogen. There is not much I can say that will help you right now. But what I can tell you is that I know how you must be feeling and I know the pain. Imogen has given me hope for the future. That sweet lil face showed me that I too can try again. I am glad for the time you had with her and I know she will love you forever...
With all my love and support,
Brandy part of your "MISS" family
New Mexico

Karen and Kieron,
Your strength is inspiring. Your love empowering. Your commitment unwavering. We in my family admire you for all you have come through. it is not fair, nor is it understandable, yet as a family you will survive....again. We as a whole will be here to support you and lift you up when you need it. Thank you so much for sharing your love and your pain with me. If we could change the outcome we all know we would. I will continue to pray for you and your family.
With the deepest love and sympathy,
Samantha and Steve Beaver
Brianna's Mommy and Daddy
4-13-90/ 11-25-95

Dearest Karen & Kieron, It is with a heart full of so much love & sadness that I write these few words to you. I am so truly sorry for the loss of your precious Imogene. She means so much to me. Our little Miss Mighty has become such a large part of my thoughts & my heart. Her mighty spirit & strength has awed me every day. Sweet Imogene.......send some of your strength & spirit to your Mommy & Daddy.You are deeply loved & greatly missed.
~~Angel kisses~~sweet girl.
You'll forever have
a piece of my heart.
Love, Janice
^i^ Josephine Mary's mommy
New York

Karin and Kieron,
I am sending you many angel hugs! I wish that I could give them to you in person. I am so sorry that you have had to endure so much pain. I am glad that you had time to spend with her and make precious memories. Memories that have to last a lifetime! Remember that you are not alone. I know that I am a long way away,
but if I can ever do anything to help,
just let me know
Love, Karen--
Mommy to Maclaine (7-3-99 - 7-6-99)
Katey (4)
Sarah Beth (9)
Jessica (11)
Wife to Greg

Dear Karin and Kieron,
I am so very sorry. This is just not fair at all and I am just feeling "lost". John and I cried together when Ms. Mighty went to Heaven. We looked at each other with tears in our eyes and just didn't want to believe the news. Her sweet face is imprinted in my memory forever. Her eyes captured me, she was well aware of all the love you were giving her. The life you gave her was so full of happiness and love. She is only gone from sight and I am positive she is still feeling all your love, all our love. I know all our angels were there to welcome her and I'm sure Soren took here by the hand. They are showing her the best places to play Hide and Seek in Heaven. Fly little Imogen, Fly. You are missed by all of us here on Earth. You will always be remembered. "There is a bond that death cannot sever, love and remembrance last forever." Thinking of you and holding you close.
Love Theresa and John
~ Angel Christina's Mommy and Daddy
New York

Sweet Imogen
I write this with a heart full of love and teary eyes. Though I have never met you, I have thought of little else since the day you were born. You have touched so many lives with your courage and strength and you are so loved. I know that you are in heaven and will be receiving your wings. Fly little happy and safe with God. Please send peace and comfort to your wonderful Mommy & Daddy who love you so much.
I will hold you
in my heart forever.
Tina- Brianna & Brandon's Mommy

Dear Karin and Kieron,
These words are for you, and for your precious daughter: Imogen you meant hope to me. It is such a small word, and you were such a small person, but really, it's the biggest gift, one of the most important things I can think of. Hope for so many things. When your mum first discovered she was pregnant with you, you were a hope fulfilled a new brother or sister for Soren, Aurora, and Kae. To feel the hope in your mother's words, as she reached each milestone with you, was such a joy. And when you were born-so early, so eager to see your parents, to see the world-the hope transformed and became a fiery wish for you to stay with us in this world. It was so clear, in the pictures I saw and in the words I read, that you were a fighter, a strong spirit, sent here for a special purpose. You were sent to bring hope, of course to your mum and dad, but also to us, your friends who love you even though we never had the privilege of meeting you in person. You brought so much, sweet Imogen, and I am grateful for all the beauty with which you graced this world. The hope you brought when you came is not gone, just as my love for you and for your parents is still and will always be here, in my heart. With so much love, and many tears,
Donna-Lily Rowan and Lia Willow's mommy

As I rejoice at the birth of my grandson born today March 19, 2001, I am filled with a deep sadness over the loss of Imogene. I will never understand the reasons behind the loss of Lil Mighty. She has showed so many of us the true meaning of love and community and I just want you to know she will always be a very special angel.
Love, Gigi

Karin and Kieron, I am so sorry that you are having to go through this horrible pain. Imogen is/was definitely Ms. Mighty. She fought so hard to stay, but sadly her body would not do what her spirit wanted so much to do. She is also, what I like to term MISS Mighty as well because she was/is loved by all the people at MISS. She has touched our lives beyond what words can adequately express. She was a daughter that was adopted by us all. I know Imogen could feel your overwhelming love for her, and she loved you so very much as well. Your daughter is such a
beautiful blessing to us all.
Love and (((HUGS))), Jan
(Proud mother of Jordan)

Dear Karin & Kieron,
There are no magical words of wisdom- no powerful rituals- no books or manuals to help assuage the pain in your hearts. All we can offer you is to share the pain, to help you remember Imogen- as we too, remember Soren, to offer an ear to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, a hug to support. We can offer you our presence with unconditional love and promise that our doors remain open anytime. The oceans between us are not as enormous as the bridge that unites us. Our family is bonded together by birth, by death, by mostly, by love. We will help you to honor her, remember her, and certainly, to MISS her. In Loving Memory of our
Beloved MISS Mighty,

Dear Karin and Kieron,
From the minute I found MISS, I felt your love for your children. From the "S" in the sand, to the "pink" in your lives, it was so very obvious that your love was unconditional and forever. I've smiled and cheered, and then grew concerned as you shared about the new life within you. Little MISS Mighty was eager to be soon...too early. But she rallied. I prayed and cried and hoped. I could only imagine your pain, a continent away. And then, news that things were not good. Please know that we all love you and are here for you. Imogene touched so very many people in her short life here on earth. I hope it will bring a small amount of comfort to you to know that we care. We want to help. Imogene was an incredible little girl who accomplished more in her short life than we will ever know. Thank you for sharing Imogene with us.
She has certainly touched my heart.
With love and prayers, Linda T.
Mommy to Graham

(((((Karin and Kieron)))))
Please know that loving thoughts are being sent to you during this time of great sorrow. Imogen was a beautiful little girl and must be a truly beautiful angel. Her spirit and her strength were an inspiration to us all. It's incredible how one so tiny can be so strong. I know she will forever hold a special place in my heart as well as in the hearts of many others.
Love Valerie
New York

Karin and Kieron~
Where do I begin? I am so sorry. I wish I could fix this, make it better for you, make it not be so, bring her back. What we have learned is there are no easy answers to these terrible questions of why and how and now what? We will be here to hold you, to cry with you, to listen, to listen somemore, and to remember with you. Tiny steps, we will take, we will take them together. Imogen, such a beautiful child. She fulfilled her time, her purpose is left to be sung for all the days of the lives of those blessed to have known her, loved her.
All my love,
Angel Courtney's mommy

In the blink of an eye
Mighty was born
Oh so little and loved
Gathered around the
Earth were many who
Naturally cried at the news.

Much joy was there
In her beautiful face. She
Gave her parents so many
Happy memories.
Their family was complete
Yet for a moment.

More tears and sadness as she
Obviously was to join her siblings in
Everlasting rest.
Now we all know that

Mighty's heart and soul are
Eternal and touched us all.
Around the world are
Gathered many who will
Hold her in their hearts as they
Envelop her parents with love and
Release balloons in her honor.

By Sarah Williams
For Imogen 3/20/01
New York

Dearest Karen and Kieron,
I read a saying today that made me think of Imogen "truly no hand was so small that it could not leave an imprint on the world".Imogen has left so very many imprints on so very many hearts and i for one will miss hearing all about how she is doing.Her bravery and spirit showed me you don't have to be a giant to fight for the life you deserve.Imogen was with us all for a lot less than we all deserved to know her,but what a wonderful memorial for her to know that despite that short time she will never be forgotten by any of us.I love your sweet princess Imogen,OUR Miss mighty.
Love Theresa Heath (Danjo)

Karin and Kieron,
I just wanted to say that I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful little girl. Words alone cannot express the pain you must be feeling. The M.I.S.S. family is always here for you and thinking of you and praying for you and you angels in Heaven.
Mia ~ Mother of 4
^i^ Vanessa in Heaven
Alexis, Trent, & Gavin on Earth

Dearest Karin and Kieron
Words cannot truly express what my heart wants you to know today. We all love you and so many of us have prayed for you so much during Imogen's fight for life. Imogen, as well as both of you, have become symbols of courage and hope for so many of us amid the most tragic of circumstances. Imogen's spirit lives on and she will be greatly remembered and M.I.S.S. especially. She rests in Heaven today. My heart and continued prayers go out to you both.....I only know you by your names and many posts at M.I.S.S., but in my heart I can imagine your pain and I mourn with you today. May God give you His strength and peace as you walk through this dark valley together once more.
Leslie -mommy to Jenna Lynn
mommy to Bryce Alan
9/23/98 California

You have enriched our lives, sweet Imogen, with your determination, wisdom, and beautiful spirit. Always loving...
never forgetting...
Julee and Paul

Dear Karen & Kieron,
I am again so sorry for your loss of Imogen. Her strength and fighting spirit was an inspiration to us all. You are both wonderful parents who enveloped sweet Imogen with love and adoration each day of her life. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.
Love Patti
Helen's mommy
Hilo, Hawaii

Karin & Kieron, You have been in my thoughts often over these past few months. I could tell how much Karin worried during her pregnancy that all would be okay with Imogen. And then when she was born so very tiny, I worried right along with both of you. She was an amazing little girl and she fought so couragously. Her fighting spirit coming from her parents, I am sure. My heart just aches for you as you travel this difficult path. I can sympathize with you as I also know what it's like to lose more than one child. I will send you many thoughts and prayers as you are forced to go on without your beloved children. Please know that you are not alone. We all love you and little Imogen.
She will be forever missed.
Love, Clark & Karen Hoppman
parents of ^i^Austin and ^i^Alex
"May all of our children play
together and be happy in Heaven, until
we meet them again someday."

Dear Karin and Kieron,
Sending you both all my love. I wish I could do more. Imogen was such a bright little ray of sunshine and hope. I shall truly miss reading about her and seeing those beautiful photos, and I promise I will never ever forget. May you both be surrounded by nothing but love over the coming weeeks and months,
as I am sure Imogen is.
With true sympathy and a heavy heart,
Sinead (Adam's Mommy)

Dearest Karin and Kieron, I will never let Imogen die. She will forever live in my heart. I wanted to make cute little girl things for her. My sweet angel, David, will help Søren protect her. I am here for you whenever you need me. And I will bring that casserole.
With all my love, Lorri Jacobs
Mom of Reuben, Aaron, ^i^David,
^i^Angel & Baby Nathan

It has been my great privledge to have been inside of the lives of your precious family over the last year and a half, Sorens family. Sharing Imogen for "all" of her life has been like sharing a member of my own family. Thank you, seems inadequate, but thank you. I know little about the whys of all of this heartache, for I cannot believe it has really happened, so much hope. Although I am very sad, I feel that hope remains still today. This one tiny child who I have never met in person- could steal my heart, is proof enough that love is stronger than anything on earth. Balloons to heaven for Imogen today and all of our love,
Teri and Jim Collins
James Michael
born into heaven 9-11-99 Shane Matthew
born safely 12-11-00 Arizona

The two of you are going through such tough times right now and I wish I had answers for all of the questions running through your mind. Imogen was such a sweet beautiful little girl. She had the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen on a baby. She was an angel here on earth before she left you for heaven. Imogen was all of our hopes for the future, so loves by everyone she touched. My heart was broken the day I read she left this world, as I can imagine yours were broken a million times more. I will be praying for your family in hopes that you find some peace in your hearts.
Love, Sue Ann
Mommy to ^i^ Zachary Brian
& Brianna Hope edd 4/1/01

For Karin & Keiron - I will miss seeing the photos of little Miss Mighty on the MISS site. I will miss reading about her courage & tenacity. I am deeply shocked by her death & acknowledge her short but precious life. I send you tears of sympathy, courage & hopefulness. There are no words really - they're all we have but they're not enough to show our grief.
Remembering little Imogen.
Elissa Stonestreet
Sydney, Australia 20/3/01

Dearest Karin & Kieron,
I cry the deepest of tears for your pain. Who would have ever thought in this lifetime that we would ever feel a pain this deep? I am so sorry for the loss of your little Imogen. What a beautiful little girl. I have just past the first anniversary of my Savannah's birth and departure. I would like to share with you what I have learned in this past year. First and foremost, I would not have traded the three days I had with my angel for anything in this world. She was a gift sent from God. I now understand why she was sent to me. It doesn't lessen my pain but it does make me feel closer to her every day. My own childhood had left me very shattered and all I ever wanted was to have a child of my own to bring up the way that I should have been raised. I had the hardest of walls enclosing my heart from all of the pain I had been through. Holding sweet Savannah for one moment in time, made the walls come crashing down. I know that I will never be able to rebuild them, nor do I want to. Savannah gave me the gift of love. A gift that I had been denied my entire life. The love that she left with me will sustain me for all eternity. My dear friends, in your darkest hours, hold on to the love that Imogen placed in your heart. That love will never leave you.....ever.....and one glorious day she will be waiting at heaven's gate to meet with you again.
My prayers are with you.
Faith~Savannah's Mommy

You have always been such a sweet friend and support. You will always have a special place in my heart as one of the first to comfort me after losing Rose. You and Kieron have a daily place in my prayers, as well as those of my family. Imogen is a special little girl. I send so many kisses to heaven for her. I miss her.
Love always to you and your children,
Tracy~Rose and Lael's mom

Dear Karin & Kieron,
For many months now, Imogen has been an inspiration in my life. From the time that her life began inside of you, I have felt that God had sent her for all of us to love. Even though her time on Earth was short, she made each one of us believe in the reality of miracles and the power that could be harnessed in one small body. Imogen made me a believer and I know that she is in a beautiful place. I am sorry that she can no longer be with you, but please know that she spent each moment of her life surrounded by the love of her amazing parents and she knew no sorrow. I pray that the coming months are gentle and please remember
that we are all here for you.
Love, Mary Ann~ ^i^ Joseph's Mommy ~

Dear Karin and Kieron,
Words cannot describe how sorry I am about Imogen. I am honored that you shared her with me. Imogen has showed me that courage and strength can come in small packages. I love her as if she was my own baby. Thank you for sharing her. I am sending you my love and strength.
Imogen, ~Angel Kisses~ to you.
With Love, Patti-Mom to Sean Toshio

A Butterfly sits beside us
Like a sunbeam,
And for a brief moment
Her glory and Beauty
Belonged to the WORLD!

But then she flys on again,
And though we wish
She could have stayed,
We were lucky to have
Known her.
~Altered with love
from Debbie, Sarah's Mommy