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Welcome to Heaven's Hope Graphics. My sincere wish is that you will find just the right look for the special page you are creating. I understand how important that is...and I'd like to tell you the history behind this graphics site. On June 3, 1996, our daughter Hope Christine was born. We knew going in that she had a fatal birth defect called anencephaly, which affects the development of the brain and bones of the cranium. In the four short hours she lived, she made imprints on our heart that will last an eternity. In making her memory page, I looked through countless graphics sites for just the right background. I found it in a set using the same angel you see here, it just pulled me in and I knew it was THE one. About a month later, after her page had been up for some time, I found out that the artist who painted the piece that graphic was taken from had named the picture "A Little Hope Lights the Way."....the angel's name IS Hope! I know my Hope led me to find it. In her memory, I have started making my own sets, and hope that in the process I can perhaps add that feeling of "that's IT!" to someone else's search! Relax, browse, enjoy...and please take the time to visit her site by clicking the "Hope's Memorial button from the menu on the left. It is in her spirit and memory that I create these memorial graphics.

Click on the various set catagories from the menu to see the thumbnails, and follow those to the full sets you can save to your own computer. PLEASE use the credit button provided with each set to link back to this index page. If you have a piece of clip art you'd like to see made in to a set, just send it to me. Please send me the URL to your page when you are finished and I would love to "meet" your angel. Anyone in need of a website for their child or graphics customized for their site is welcome to email me. Thank you for visiting, and remember that the tiniest of feet sometimes leave the biggest imprints on our lives.

Please enter your email address below and click the "GO" button to be notified when I add new sets. Updates are completed as frequently as my domestic goddess position allows! *smile*

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