with my free hand I unlocked the door

We walked backwards in unison, without missing a second of our kissing. I closed the door behind us and I led her further into my apartment. It was extremly dark in there except for the faint moonlight streaming thorugh the cracks in the blinds. I managed to lead the way to the futon without us tripping over each others legs. I laid her down onto the futon which was already in the bed postion from earlier that morning. I pulled my soaked shirt over my head and I mounted her. She sat up enough for me to remove her shirt. It was so tight and wet against her skin. I pulled it up enough to expose her bare erect breasts. I greeted them with my tongue. She moaned with approval and I sucked a little harder on her nipples. She moved her hands along my back unlacthing my bra.

We stopped long enough for me to bring her shirt all the way over her head. She removed my bra all the way and I laid her back against the futon. I then made a path with my hands, lips, and my tongue all the way down to her stomach. I tasted and savored in every inch of her soft crushed velvet skin on my way down. I began to remove her shoes. She smiled as I massaged her feet for a second. I then unbutoned and removed her jeans. They were cold and wet between my hands.

I placed myself on top of her once again. This time leaving my hand to rub and caress her thighs. Our lips met and I began to lightly rub my hand agaist her crotch. She shivered below me as the sensation set in. She moaned louder and I rubbed more agressivly against her satin panties. She moved against my hand. Slowly and faint at first then more rhythmicaly as her moans increaesed.

"Go down on me" I heard her say as she turned her head a little to the side. I kissed her neck taking the time to allow my tongue to savor the taste of her flesh. I worked my way down her body once again. Taking the time to suck and kiss her erect nipples. She moaned louder as I worked my way down to where her panties met her stomach. I kissed the insides of her thighs as I rubbed my hand agaist the satiny material that covered her erogenous zone, that tingeled with mouting sensation. I then removed her panties with my teeth.

"Fuck me" she said spreading her legs wider allowing the soft pink flesh to shine from between her hair. I stuck two fingers into her wet pussy and I carassed her clit with my tongue. I didn't take long before I had her screaming in ectasy. She pushed my face deeper into her bush ang she pulled my hair. It was all so arousing. She moved her body against my mouth and fingers. We continued untill I felt her pussy convulse with orgasmic spasms against my face. I didn't want to stop but I knew she was satisfied.

It was now her turn to give me what I had been buring for since she placed her lips upon mine. I made my way back up her body and I laid beside her. She got on top of me and worked her way down untill she was licking and massaging my breasts.

"Take me now" I whispered as the need to be fucked feeling increased. I didn't need or want any foreplay. All I cared about was feeling her inside of me. Her fingers then found the clasp to my jeans and all at once they were off. She then started kissing my inner thighs as she removed my panties. I was unbelievably wet. She placed my legs upon her shoulders and her tongue carassed my clit bringing me to the peaks of ectasy. I cried out, I whipered, I was in tears. At that moment I was sure that I'd do anything that this nameless girl wanted me to do. I orgasmed. Then I found her arms around me. She rested her head upon my chest and we relaxed. I felt so high. I ran my hand through her hair and I glanced at the clock across the room. It read 3:00 a.m. I listened to her breath as she lay on top of me. and I drifted to sleep.

and the saga continues