and i drifted to sleep

I awoke to a rustling sound. I opened my eyes and strained to see. The girl from last night wasn't beside next to me. I notice she was sitting at the edge of the futon. She was pulling on her shirt.

"Good morning", I said as I sat up and streched. I waited for her to respond. She didn't, so I figured she didn't hear me.

"Soo What are you doing?", I asked getting off the futon.

"Putting on my shoes", she said in a very nonchalant way.

"Last night was great", I said expecting her to agree. But once again I was met only by silence.

"Wasn't it?" I said with a tinge of nervousness. I then went over to where she was sitting and I sat down next to her.

"Sure" she said as she laced up her left boot. I just sat there watching her. I had nothing to say. I stared at her as she made a bow with her laces and pulled them tight.

"Is something wrong?" I asked placing my hand on her thigh. I looked up into her face and I waited for a good response.

"No" she said without looking up at me. I looked away as I removed my hand from her leg. I turned back to her as she pulled her right boot onto her foot. I watched her once again make a bow and pull the laces tight. She was now fully dressed. She got off the futon and walked across the room. I searched her face looking for an inkling of that spark from last night. It wasn't there. Or if it was there it was too hard to read.

"Where is your bathroom" She asked finally turning to look at me. I simply pointed to the left.

"What's wrong with you?" She asked

"Nothing" I responded. Apparently she thought otherwise cause she came back over to me and sat down on the futon. I stared into her eyes wondering where all the passion from last night had gone. Things weren't going how I expeted them to be going. She simply just stared back at me.

"Are you sure there is nothing wrong?" She asked again placing her hand on my thigh.

"I don't know...I just don't do this kind of thing often" I said feeling a little relieved.

"What kind of thing?...sleep with beautiful girls you don't know?"

"Exactly!!", I said laughing, "I never have any idea what to say after sex"

"I Have the same problem too.", She said with a gigle, "It's like what do you say afterwards without sounding like an ass?"

"Exactly!! It's even harder if you don't know the person"

"Yeah I know, It's like going backwards or something. 'I know we just had great sex last night, but baby can you tell me what your name is again'" She said mocking a guy approaching a girl. We laughed harder.

"Wait what is your name?" I asked her

"Huh? You don't know my name? I make passionate love to you and you don't even know my name?" She said as she sat back on the bed. She buried her face in her hands and pretended to be crying. I continued her little game. I sat down on the bed beside her and I placed my arms around her.

"Well you know baby. What happened was...last night was just soo good that I just forgot your name."

"Oh really?" She said looking at me with her passionate eyes.

"Yeah baby", I said, "you should refresh my memory"

"And how can I do that? She asked turning more towards me.

"Well we could start by redoing the all that we did last night, you know?" I said as I laided her on her back. She laughed

"Yeah that's what I think we should do" I said climbing on top of her. I closed my eyes and my lips found hers, and we kissed.
and saga continues