The rain kept falling. But I failed to notice

She tasted deliously sweet. Her tongue carassed my tongue gently, yet forcefully enough to make it's presence known within my mouth. The rain fell harder making my jeans heavy agaist my legs. My knees became weak and at any moment I was sure to slip away on some blissful cloud. But she pulled away from me and everything around us seemed to stop. I searched her eyes praying that nothing was wrong. I then saw a smile slowly form on her face as rain trickeled from her plump lips. Oh how beautiful she was at the moment. I said to myself as I pulled her back towards me. Our lips met and once again I was in heaven.

"Let's continue this upstairs" She said moving her head to the side allowing me to shower her neck with kisses. My thongue danced lightly agianst the soft flesh of her neck.

"We're going upstairs", she said as she took my arms from around her waist. She walked towards the building door pulling me with her.

"Come on" she urged as I fumbled with the key in the lock. I couldn't get the building door unlocked. I was too fasinated by how her white shirt had become somewhat transparent agianst her skin. I also noticed she wasn't wearing a bra.

"Move it" she said as she lightly pushed out of the way and unlocked the door herself. She then grabbed my hand and led me into the building after her.

"I stay on the top floor...." I managed to say just before I felt her body and lips press against mine. We kissed. This time more sensuously. She ran her hand down my back and then lightly squeezed my butt. She pulled away from me with a sly smile and she started to run up the stairs. I ran after her as I waas filled with ravishing excitement. On the third floor I managed to get my arms around her waist. But she wiggled free. I then ran after her mesmerized by her laughter, that seemed to ring in the air.

"Which door?" I heard her yell from the top floor.

"4D", I said a little exhusted. I slowed down as I reached the top of the stairs and I began to get the key out of my pockect. She was leaned agaist my door. I watched her lick her lips as I approched. I positoned myself in front of her and then I got really close. I spread her legs with my knee and I placed my hand beside her head on the door. I was so incredibly close to her. So close that I could feel her breast press against me as she breathed. I kissed her neck. My tongue made patterns up and down it, as her hands ran up and down my body. My lips then found hers and we kissed. I could feel her back arching toward me, beckoning for me to take her. With my free hand I unlocked the door.

and the saga continues