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As many of you may or may not know, the WB series "JACK & JILL" is on very shaky ground right now and the show might not be renewed for another season. This is very upsetting to us, because Jack & Jill is a GREAT SHOW, with a GREAT storyline and a talented cast. If you don't want to see Jack & Jill go, this is what you can do to help.

Send a letter (snail-mail style) to these 3 people at the WB. Real letters make the MOST IMPACT.

Mr. Jamie Kellner, CEO
Ms. Susanne Daniels, President of Entertainment
Mr. Jordan Levin, Executive VP of Programming
The WB
3701 Oak Street
Burbank, CA 91522

(send seperate letters to each person)

  • Tell them how much you like the show and list all the reasons why you don't think they should cancel it.
  • Handwritten letters carry way more weight than typed letters or email. Keep your correspondence from looking like a computer-generated mass mailing.
  • Keep it short and to the point, one page is enough.
  • Don't bash on the WB or any other show that they have, and do not make any threats. Voice your concern in a civil manner. Nasty rants and raves are quickly dismissed.
  • Keep the letters friendly and direct.
  • Networks value demographic info. So include your age, occupation, number of children, etc.
  • Do NOT write "JACK & JILL" on your envelope.

    OR... another option is to sign the PETITION that Roxy created. It is a GREAT idea and a very well written petition. All you need to do is print out the petition and sign your name and mail it in! Go HERE for more information.

    "A Key Exchange"
    Bethany from Jack & Jill Online has come up with a great idea to add to the Save Jack & Jill campaign. It is a called "A Key Exchange", remember that episode when Jack was given Jill's apartment key? of course how can we forget. Anyway by sending in a key to the WB has visual impact. If the WB sees that thousands of people are sending in keys as a statement that we aren't willing to give up on our show it has to make some impact! Go here to get the full instructions and to print out the poem that goes along with it! HERE


  • 1.) Email the WB and tell them how much you love the show and that you don't want them to cancel it! If they do that means NO MORE SEEING SIMON EVERY WEEK!!! OH NO! Also make sure that you attach the key graphic to your message with the poem from "a key exchange". You can pick up the graphic HERE. Send your emails to

  • 2.)Post messages in the WB message board. The Jack & Jill section has VERY few messages in there, and that in turn makes it look like the viewers are not interested. So make sure you stop by and post positive messages in the Main board as well as the Jack & Jill board! THE WB MESSAGE BOARD

  • 3.) Your #1 reason to watch Jack & Jill. Send emails and post messages in the WB message board stating your #1 reason why you watch Jack & Jill. Don't forget to title your subject my #1 reason!

  • 4.) Write to the show's sponsors and tell them how much you support Jack & Jill. For more directions and addresses go HERE.

  • 5.) Get the media's attention! Write to newspapers and magazines! click HERE to get the list of local newspapers to write to.

  • 6.) VOTE VOTE and VOTE some more!! Vote for Jack & Jill at the following sites:
    -Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
    -USA Today - Keepers or Goners?
    -Teenchoice Awards

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    Save Jack & Jill!!!!!
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    haha apparently we had the same idea and we didn't even know of it! OH WELL, the more support for Jack & Jill the BETTER! :)

    Also visit a site purely made to SAVE JACK & JILL! Go to: SAVE JACK & JILL WEBSITE