(download petition at the bottom of this page)

Thanks for taking the time to support our favorite show Ė Jack&Jill. I have drawn up a petition, which I think makes a strong statement on what the show means to us and how much we want it back in the fall. All you need to do is print the petition out, fill in the blanks at the bottom, and mail one to each of the following individuals:

Ms. Susanne Daniels
Entertainment President

Mr. Jamie Kellner, CEO

Mr. Jordan Levin
Executive Vice President, Programming

The address for all three is:

Warner Brothers
3701 Oak Street
Burbank, CA 91522

Please feel free to add a personal note about what the show means to you or why you think it is so awesome. Remember these few simple rules:

∑ Be polite and positive. Donít criticize other shows.

∑ Keep the petition on one page.
∑ Donít put Jack&Jill on the envelope. Use names and address as noted above.

Print extra copies of the petition and get your friends to mail them in as well. Weíre counting on you college fans to circulate the petition around campus and help us get tons of support!

Many of you may recognize my name from the message boards and know that I love the show. But what you donít know is that Iím not a 20-something Ė Iím a 43-year-old working mom with two kids, a husband and a dog! (Okay Ė so I drive a minivan too. Donít hate me for it!) Obviously I fall outside of The WBís target market for this show. But I happened to stumble on it the night the first episode aired, and Iíve been hooked ever since. It takes me back to a place in my life much different from where I am now Ė a place I like to remember and escape to when I can.

My reason for telling you this is to point out that the show truly does appeal to all ages Ė whether youíve been there, are getting ready to go there, or are living it now. So letís convey that image Ė one of a united group of fans of all ages who have formed a bond and come together to save the show!

Thanks again for your support.