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I am from Loogootee Indiana. I have lived here all my life and love it here. I enjoy doing anything outdoors.  I have a degree in auto body, and auto mechanics. I am handy with working on really anything from plumbing to HVAC technician. My hobbies are old cars, golf carts, woodworking, fishing, and working on cars. I have a Harley Davidson Golf Cart that I rebuilt. I am always adding pictures to my website so check back often to see what I have been working on. I am always working on something or another.



 Mazda - my first new truck

 My Tan Work Truck  

  1967 Harley Davidson Golf Cart --- I rebuilt this ground up.  
  Harley Davidson fuel mixture ratio: 1 oz. 2 cycle oil to 1 US gallon gas, or may substitute one quart 30 wt. non-detergent motor oil to 5 gallons gas in emergency only.  


 E-Z Go Golf Cart --- I also custom rebuilt this.


 1964 Fairlane

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