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Davis Migration
Kentucky to Owen Co., Indiana

First Generation

1. Robert DAVIS. Born in KY.

He married Elizabeth POLLARD. Born in KY.
They had the following children:

2 i. Kiziah DAVIS
3 ii. William B. DAVIS

Second Generation

2. Kiziah DAVIS. Daughter of Robert DAVIS & Elizabeth POLLARD. Born 3 May 1827 in KY. Died 27 June 1900 in Lafayette Twp., Owen Co., IN. Buried 28 June 1900 in Cuba Cem., Owen Co., IN.

Medical: Kiziah died of organic heart disease.

She married Silas GALLIMORE, 18 June 1846 in Owen Co., IN. Born 6 June 1819 in GA. Died 31 July 1899.
They had the following children:

i. Mary Jane GALLIMORE
ii. William GALIMORE
iii. Robert Davis GALLIMORE
iv. Edward Jerrymiah GALLIMORE
v. Lucindy M. GALLIMORE
vii. Hannah E. GALLIMORE
viii. David GALLIMORE
(See GALIMORE page)
3. William B. DAVIS. Son of Robert DAVIS & Elizabeth POLLARD. Born 9 June 1820 in KY. Died 7 January 1907 in Owen Co., IN. Buried 9 January 1907 in Combs Cem., Owen Co., IN. Occupation Rte. merchant.

Medical: William's death certificate lists senile decay as the cause of death. The duration of the illness was two years.

He married Francis J. ?? .

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