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:::NYC Demo & Fan Party Reports:::

As most of you know, July 6th, 2002, was a day to go down in HIStory in the Michael Jackson fan world! NYC was the location of the "Invincible Is Unbreakable" Demonstration, hosted by MJ Unity. MJ fans & fan clubs from all over the world attended to help show support to Michael and to protest Sony for trying to destroy Michaels career.

On this same date, the MJ Fan Club hosted the "30 Years Of Magic" fan party honoring Michael. Not only was the party one of the largest MJ fan events ever, it was the first fan event in the USA that Michael, himself, attended. The King Of Pop Fanatics are proud to be a part of the MJ Unity team, as well as supporters of the "30 Years Of Magic" fan party, held by MJFC. Below you will find links to fan reports written by fellow King Of Pop Fanatics Group Leaders and members. We hope you enjoy reading their stories and sharing their experiences with you. You can view their individual reports by clicking on the links below. Also, if you attended the events and have a report to share, please email us to include it on this page.


Reports By:

Rebecca Reza - KOP Fanatics Phoenix Group Leader

Vernay Lewis - KOP Fanatics Philly/NYC Group Leader

Darketa Morris - KOP Fanatics New Orleans Group Leader

Please check back frequently, as more reports will be added soon!

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