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These are wonderful places around the internet
filled with information and support.
My hope is that you will find these
to be of help in your search for both.

An incredible place for support
and understanding in all you are feeling.
Messages boards, newsletters, kindess projects,
informational reading, the very BEST of the web
for child loss support!

Cherished Babies

Comphrehensive site with information about most
every aspect of anencephaly.

Personal site and Yahoo! club for those
with children born with anencephaly.

Anencephaly Blessings From Above

A christian forum to encourage those
who have carried/are carrying
an anencephalic child to term.

Site filled with information, support,
and photos of loving families
touched by anencephaly.

Message boards, uplifting support materials
and resources for those who have been touched
by the death of a baby or
a crisis in pregnancy.

Very nice site with message forums,
e-mail data base for finding people
with similar child loss circumstances,
and great support reading.

Actually an infertility organization,
this site has an incredible selection
of messages boards for both
support and medical advice.






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