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In the past three years, I have faced the following: The diagnosis of our Hope's fatal defect, her labor, delivery, short life, passing, and burial. I have conceived again, gone through five weeks of spotting, had five ultrasounds, a triple screen, amniocentisis, and seen them find a (thankfully harmless) cyst on THIS baby's brain. We were told she could have Down's Syndrome, or Trisomy 18. I've had at least ten years taken off my life by seeing her heart rate drop during her delivery. I've watched both of my parents undergo(successfully, we believe) treatment for cancer, my mother once for her lung and once for her breast. I do not think God sent me these trials because I needed a lesson. However, I have picked up many along the way....

Remember yesterday, live today, and tomorrow will come at the same speed whether we want it here or not.

Heaven and hell can, surprisingly enough, sometimes come in the same package.

Parenting is the simultaneous nurturing of a childs roots AND wings.

God doesn't always whack you on the head with the answer to your prayers. Sometimes you find them where you least expect them.

Sometimes it's the smallest feet that leave the biggest prints on your heart.

It may take only one person to start a war, but it takes at least two to fight it.

In the times when "forgive and forget" is just too much, try "overlook and overcome."

The letters that make up your P-A-I-N, be it mental or physical, also make up I NAP! Coincidence?????

True friends are like good-quality pieces
of artwork. They won't run when it rains.

Love is the only thing I can think of
that grows larger every time you divide it.

A popular saying goes "Sieze the day."
If you grab it with both
hands and throttle it, however,
you choke the life out of it.
Slow down and smell the roses.

Talking about someone who has died
may not bring them back,
but silence does not change the fact
that they are gone.

I plan to add more lessons as they are given to me. Please check back soon as goodness knows I have a lot to learn!






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